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Growing up, I always wanted to travel, to explore, and learn about new places and cultures. To find out what is at the end of a path or which way a new track will take you.  What I love most about travelling is to be able to observe the local way of life and how wonderful it is when a local invites you to share more with them: A Guinness & a village pub ‘lock in’ in Galway; An orange on a train from Dar Es Salaam; A game of cards with a cyclo driver in Hue; An ad hoc tour guide to a restaurant in Damascus; Valentine Day wishes in Italian in Rome!

My knowledge is extensive and with more than 20 years’ travel industry experience, I have been able to visit many amazing destinations.   I can provide advice on low budget adventure through to 5 star luxury travel to ensure my clients tastes and needs are met.

I am passionate about travelling and providing my clients with the most personalised, professional and in depth service possible.

As a Personal Travel Manager, I have more time to connect with my clients and know so much more about each person….. and who makes the best coffee!

Where I've Travelled

Having visited more than 40 countries, I have a multitude of the wonderful memories and difficult situations that make travel so much fun.

Some of my favourite experiences include exploring cave houses in Cappadocia, tramping the Holyford Track in New Zealand, camping in the Serengeti with lions, kissing giraffes in Nairobi.   A Helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, scuba diving in Malta, swimming in the Devil’s Pool on top of Victoria Falls.   Canoeing the Zambezi River, sunrise at Machu Picchu in Peru, floating in the Dead Sea.   Swimming in pristine waterfalls in Northern Australia, hot air ballooning in Alice Springs, camel riding at Cable Beach, worrying about a spread-eagled koala clinging to a tree during high winds on the Great Ocean Road.   Camel riding at the Pyramids of Giza, cycling the city wall of Xian in China, lunch on the Great Wall of China with a wonderful view of the rugged countryside.   Trekking in the lower Annapurnas surrounded by massive mountains in Nepal and elephant polo in Jaipur, India.   Falling down a mountain trying to ski in New Zealand?

Services I Provide

My clients often tell me that they book with me because I seem to be able to intuitively know what will suit them.  Over the years I have refined my skills to simply get to know my clients.  I listen and I remember the little things they have mentioned.

I provide individual personally designed itineraries.  They may include flights, accommodation, tours, cruises, rail travel, car and motorhome hire and much more.

I am able to meet or call you by appointment for a personal consultation at most hours to be flexible with your work and household arrangements and am available at any time in an emergency situation.

Everyone should enjoy the convenience and security of having their own Personal Travel Manager who understands their unique travel requirements.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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Dionne Smith
Based in Girards Hill, NSW

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