Value of your own Personal Travel Manager

As you can imagine, post-COVID travel world has changed! The way we travel, the restrictions and requirements imposed and the role that professionals play is incredibly different to how it used to be. Now more than ever it is important to have a trusted travel advisor working for you to ensure your travel experience is what you expect with no hidden surprises. It means every travel itinerary is 100% tailored to your personal travel scenario.

I’ll help you prepare for your trip
The way we travel has changed. There is now a lot more to consider before you leave home. Staying up to date with ever-changing health and travel requirements and associated costs can be complex to navigate on your own. As a personal travel manager, I can use my professional knowledge and resources to help you prepare for your upcoming trip. Whether it be assisting you with your vaccination and COVID testing requirements, visas and permits or travel insurance requirements, I can help you make those important decisions.

My service doesn’t end when you leave home
No two trips are the same. If something unexpected happens while you’re away, whether it’s missed flights, cancelled flights, a medical situation or emergency, I’ll be on hand to support you and help get you back on track. While you are travelling you can be secure knowing that I’m available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

How do I work?

When planning a trip, there are many factors to consider. My goal is to provide a personalised service to assist you with making your dream itinerary a reality.  To offer my clients a personalised service, I limit the number of clients I work with at any one time.

I believe it is really important to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

First step is to book your complimentary 20-minute phone appointment. This is an opportunity to discuss your travel plans in more detail, so I have a thorough understanding of your needs, wants and budget. After that phone call, should we be a great fit the next step is to pay your travel management fee. Once this is paid  we will discuss the specifics of your travel in more detail.

Why am I paying for travel management?
It takes a considerable amount of time and research to design your personalised travel plan so that you have the full picture prior to going ahead with booking your trip. In addition, the ongoing management of your entire trip. The investment in your plan reflects my expertise, knowledge, and personalised service.

You will receive a detailed plan. Whether you go through with the booking, decide not to proceed with your booking/or your travel arrangements are cancelled for any reason, this investment is non-refundable.

A fully itemised price breakdown may not always be possible when booking holiday packages due to whole package contracts.

As well, I will provide an overview of the current requirements (airline guidelines, Covid-19 requirements, insurance requirements, etc) for your trip; however, it is your responsibility to ensure you have everything you need for your trip.

Is this the kind of personalised travel service you are looking for?

There may be addidional service fees associated with your booking. Please see the list below for full details.

Service Fees

These service fees are charged to cover time, research and support for the duration of your itinerary planning through to travel. Some may apply to your booking and some may not. Please call and have a chat to me so I can let you know which may apply to your booking.

Service Service Fee (incl GST)
  • Travel Management
Varied depending on itinerary from $150
  • Domestic Air Booking
  • International Air Booking (subject to complexity and booking class)
From $75
  • New Zealand Air Booking
  • Air booking changes prior to tickets being issued
  • Air booking changes after tickets have been issued
From $75
  • Domestic Air Booking other countries
  • Round the World Airfares
From $150
  • Refund Processing Fee
$55 per hour. Min 1 hour
  • Frequent Flyer Award Redemption Domestic
  • Frequent Flyer Award Redemption International
  • Visa Processing Fee
$60 per visa
  • Changes made after deposits paid (ie; hotel/car/tour/cruise etc)
$55 per change
  • Travel insurance claim statement (If insurance not purchased through TravelManagers)
$150 per claim
  • Cruise Booking Management
$50 per cabin
  • Train tickets / Event tickets / Show tickets etc
  • After Hours Service (weekends and 5pm-9am weekdays)
$120 per hour, minimum $60

Professional Service fees outlined above may be applied with discretion and in consideration of each client’s circumstances.

All deposits, commissions and fees are non-refundable. Prices are per person unless stated otherwise.

Any fees from airlines & suppliers including amendment fees, cancellation fees or fare increases are additional to the above. We reserve the right to pass on any other ad-hoc fees as charged by airlines or suppliers.
*Supplier refers to hotels, tour operators, cruise or tour companies or any other third-party land arrangements

For further information, please visit

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