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I knew, back in 2008, that I wanted to have better relationships with my clients than I was working in a retail travel shopfront. I wanted to be there to take the emergency calls rather than get the voicemail on a Monday morning from a client who had difficulty over the weekend, I wanted to get to know them as people. When the chance arose to become a Personal Travel Manager, I just knew it was the way forward for me. As a personal travel manager, I cherish the relationships I now have with my clients, how well I can get to know them and therefore tailor their holidays to how they like to holiday, not how others say they should! I’m not afraid to share my opinions with my clients to ensure that their holiday time is the best it possibly can be for them. I learnt, when I was 18, that travel can change a person, open their eyes to life outside of home, of how good we have it in Australia, but also how much joy learning anothers culture can bring. It can change you, sometimes for the better, improve an attitude, develop gratitude and appreciation. It can inspire you, invigorate you and sometimes challenge you more than you planned. But at the end of the day, it’s what lights us up, the chance to get on that plane or cruise ship and venture off to the next life changing experience.

Where I've Travelled

Canada Montreal & Quebec City stole my heart in 1994 where I lived with a Quebecois family for 11 months as an exchange student. Then a dear friend married a Canadian and settled on the West Coast. Now my heart is evenly spread between East and West. Every time I am in the Rocky Mountains I feel vibrant A Cruise Ship is my happy place. It’s where I can actually switch off and just stare at the sea. Fresh air and ocean views invigorate my senses.

Services I Provide

I am an expert at travel logistics. For example, if clients can name 5 countries in Europe they want to visit, I just know how to make it all work and what options exist to connect the destinations. When they describe a cruise holiday they want to take, after a few questions I can tell them what ships would suit them and what they can expect onboard. I also know that I can provide a huge amount of peace of mind to my clients, because as a Personal Travel Manager, they can contact me directly both quickly and easily if they are away and need assistance. Our point of difference is that all personal travel managers are business owners, and personally it therefore means the world to me that my clients holiday experience is enjoyable and trouble free.

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Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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Karen Murray
Based in Thornlands, QLD
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9.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday. After hours by appointment only

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