Oh the places I’ve been! Episode 2 – India

Oh the places I’ve been! Episode 2 – India


Do you have place you aren’t sure you want to visit?  I did…for years India was this place for me.


I was scared, indifferent and uninterested in going to India until that day I got the chance to go on a famil.  If you’re not in the travel industry, a famil is an educational trip.  Generally for agents only and involves lots of learning, site inspections and the usual sightseeing, but on steroids :)


On a whim, I said yes, take me to India Travel Sapphire.  You will love it they said, it will be fun they said.  Well “They” were right!


Whilst I don’t really like spicy food of the Indian variety, and I was travelling in the depths of summer, these were my only two negatives on what was an incredible 10 days exploring the Golden Triangle.


Watch my mini-vid below to see what I did, what I loved and if you have more questions, drop me a line or give me a call.  I highly recommend you head to India :)

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