Exclusive Qantas Trial

Exclusive Qantas Trial

I am thrilled to announce that Qantas have offered my clients an exclusive opportunity to trial a new ticketing system for people travelling with their carers.

Why are they doing this?

Travelling with a carer/support person enables people living with disability the opportunity to experience life and the joy of travel just like any “ordinary” person would. The carer/support person helps break down the barriers that may exist.  Many people with disability are funded by the NDIS and because they have a carer/support person they are able to enjoy the dignity of supported independent travel.

But, there has always been a problem when it came to booking international airline flights. Airlines need the passengers names and other details when you buy your ticket. Some customers think that they can change these details by paying a “name change” penalty/fee. But the reality is that you can’t actually do this. A “name change” fee simply allows you to correct incorrect spelling, or something like omitting the persons middle name. It does not allow you to substitute one person for a different person. When you try to do this you actually loose the ticket you purchased (depending on what type of ticket you might loose the money you spent on the original ticket) and then you have to book again at whatever the price is of the flight.

This is a very expensive option for travellers and it has been a reason why I have had clients simply give up on their dream of travel.

Lanyard of sunflowers, symbol of people with invisible or hidden disabilities, tied on a travel bag on the floor of an airport.

What are Qantas Offering?

Together with Qantas and their amazing staff, we have developed a new way of booking that will allow clients to book and pay for their tickets now, and then provide the name of the carer/support worker closer to departure date.

I cannot stress enough that this is an amazing offer, but it is only for a for a limited time, and for a very limited number of passengers only.

And it is exclusive to me.

If you want to be part of this trial call me to find out more.

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