” A goal without a plan is just a wish. “

Welcome Aboard

2.1 - Complete Client Profile Form (For New Clients ONLY) & Send a copy of Passport photo page

Please complete the New Client Profile Form & send through a picture of your passport photo page.
This will ensure I have your details correct when booking and holding all relevant travel arrangements.
Please complete 1 form for each traveller.

Click here to complete Client Profile Form

2.2 - Pay Travel Management fee

After you have completed the New Client Form you will receive an invoice in your inbox to pay the relevant 'Travel Management Fee' advised during our initial consultation.

Please contact me if you have any questions

2.3 - Accept TravelManagers Australia Terms and Conditions

Please read and accept the TravelManagers Australia Terms & Conditions on behalf of all travellers associated with this booking.

Click here to accept Term's & Conditions

2.4 - Research & Development of Your Personalised Itinerary

After our Initial Consultation and ensuring I understand your travel needs, I will start researching the best options for you. This may take a day or a week. (I will indicate how long in our first call).
Depending on your needs there may be a few options to compare or consider, I will be in touch via text, email or phone whilst this stage of the process is clarified.

Feel free to get in touch or please click here to schedule a call if there is anything you need to add

2.5 - Review Your Personalised Itinerary

Let the excitement begin, its time to see your personalised travel plans in print.
Please review your itinerary and ensure all details are correct and you are happy with all arrangements.

Please reply to my email or schedule a call to arrange a time to make any amendments/revisions.

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2.6 - Finalise Itinerary & Pay deposit

Once you are 100% happy with your travel plans, please pay the deposit required and indicated in your Invoice.
Please note - All quotes are subject to change and availability until deposit has been received.

Click here to view the Payment Options

2.7 - Comprehensive Travel Insurance

“If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!”

You have probably heard this phrase at some point before, and it could not be more accurate. Travel insurance is essential to any trip as it covers your medical expenses, valuables, and travel plans should there be a delay or interruption to your schedule. Pre-existing conditions and any specific activities, such as skiing, can also be covered.

I will provide you with a competitive quote for Comprehensive Travel Insurance.
Please click the link below to get a quote or purchase CoverMore Travel Insurance TODAY.
Please ensure you take out cover at the time of paying your deposit.

If you have a seperate policy, please let me know.

Click here to get a quote OR purchase a CoverMore Travel Insurance Policy NOW

2.8 - Final Balance Payment

I will send you a reminder 1 week prior to your final balance due date. (If you have not already paid in full)

Please note that although suppliers do everything they can to guarantee prices - all prices regardless of deposits paid are subject to change until paid in full. (eg: extreme currency fluctuations may affect your balance due.)

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2.9 - Travel Documentation

Approximately 4 weeks prior to your departure date you will receive an email or package with your Personalised Travel Documentation.
Please schedule a call to go through your documents together in detail once received.

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Step 2 is now complete! – Its time to start the countdown and get packing!

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