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I am driven by the customer experience and am passionate about inspiring and bringing out the best in anyone I come into contact with. After spending almost three decades as a travel agent in Mackay I decided to expand my horizons and spent 20 months working with Mercedes-Benz in Mackay and a further 14 months working in the fitness industry with City Fitness. Whilst three vastly different industries it only reinforced just how important it is to connect with people. The customer experience is of critical importance to me. It’s not just about offering great products….anyone can do that. It’s about being present, really connecting with people and having complete focus on creating an enjoyable experience which supports & surrounds the product, whilst anticipating customers wants & needs to not only meet, but exceed expectations! These last three years also highlighted just how much I have missed the Travel Industry!

So I am back! I have been so very blessed to have had the opportunity to experience many amazing destinations around the world. I would love nothing more than to continue to expand my knowledge of this amazing world as I ensure I create the most unique & memorable experiences for you when you travel!

Where I've Travelled

My travel experiences have been extensive and some of my most favourite destinations include Canada & Alaska, Thailand, Bali, Myanmar, Fiji and Europe including River Cruising and a walking tour through Provence, France. I have also enjoyed the experience of Ocean Cruising and as a passionate advocate of health & well being there is nothing quite like a stay at a health retreat to recharge!

Without a doubt my most unique experience has been Antarctica! Antarctica would have to be the most pristine, untouched destination and to view the wildlife in their natural habitat is such an amazing experience. Our family holiday to Fiji is one of my most memorable holidays for not only myself but also for my children.

Services I Provide

As your Personal Travel Manager I can meet you at your home, place of business or even at your favourite cafe to discuss your plans at a time that suits you & your lifestyle!
My goal is to ensure the planning of your holiday is just as exciting & fun as the actual holiday itself.

I offer all services that you would expect a travel agent to offer so why not let me do the research and shopping around for you! In addition to my own extensive knowledge and research that I will personally do for you I also have the unique privilege of having access to more than 500 Personal Travel Managers around Australia that I can liase with. On average Personal Travel Managers have an average of 16 years’ industry experience and we are all here to support each other to ensure our clients’ have only the best experiences when they travel!

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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Sue Wright
Based in Andergrove, QLD
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