Tauck: how you see the world matters

Tauck: how you see the world matters

For anyone who may have tried to contact me today, you will have found that I didn’t answer my phone or respond to your email today. For this breakdown in communication, I apologise. I am currently on my way home & wanted to tell you that I had a “good excuse”. I have started typing this on my commute home, as I just can’t wait the 15 minutes that it takes to share my enthusiasm with you.

Today, I was very privileged to be invited to the inaugural Tauck Academy held in Brisbane. I accepted this invitation without hesitation, as I knew that I was amongst the chosen few (less than 1% of travel agents worldwide) to have been invited to participate in this day long seminar.

I can already hear many of you asking “Just what is the Tauck Academy, and why are you so inspired, Christie?”, so let me tell you more.

Started in 1925 by Arthur C Tauck, this family owned & operated company based in Connecticut (USA) is the ultimate all-inclusive travel experience. They truly believe that HOW YOU SEE THE WORLD MATTERS. Their ethos fits perfectly with mine, so I have 100% confidence that I can trust them with your dreams!

From Tauck’s humble beginnings (make sure to watch the video above), they have built an impeccable reputation within the travel industry. This reputation & their almost century long heritage has allowed them to expand to all seven continents, with a variety of travel styles to suit every discerning traveller. Their focus on ensuring that you have the best experience in the most appropriate way to enjoy the destination means that you’ll experience true luxury wherever you are.

Tauck’s varied travel styles mean that there is something for everyone – Small Ship Cruising, River Cruising, World Discoveries (land journeys), Events and Bridges (family journeys on land & water). Tauck currently offers 140 unique itineraries (some of which operate in reverse, so there really more like 200!). All of these travel styles offer original content & exclusive experiences that you will not be able to arrange on your own – I can’t even arrange them for you!!

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime. Mark Twain

I know that many of my favourite clients are as addicted to cruising as I am, so I thought that would summarise what I learnt today about Small Ship Cruising & River Cruising with Tauck.

Partnerships with Ponant, Windstar, Silversea & Metropolitan Touring allow Tauck to currently offer 23 itineraries on 13 ships, cruising in the Americas, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, the Galapagos Islands & the Polar regions. What makes cruising on a Tauck departure different from just booking with the cruiselines directly, are the many inclusions & the Tauck Tour Directors that travel with you, to ensure that everything is taken care of. They’re with you onboard & also onshore, escorting you on your choice of exclusive INCLUDED shore excursions. You will either travel on an exclusive charter with Tauck, or be amongst the general public who booked directly through the cruiseline. Over discussions at the bar or at dinner, you’ll be sure to make those who didn’t book with Tauck very jealous – and leave them wondering why they missed out on all of your amazing adventures!

If you choose to experience river cruising with Tauck, you will cruise exclusively on one of their nine boats designed specifically to cruise on different European rivers – the newest to cruise Portugal’s Duoro. You’ll experience everything that Tauck has to offer in one boat. Choose from one of 32 itineraries on the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Rhône & the Duoro, along with some of their tributaries. You’ll be one of between 84-130 passengers onboard (depending on the river) – far fewer than some other river cruise liness. With a Cruise Director and three Tour Directors travelling with you, you’ll experience the ultimate in personalised service in an intimate setting.

No matter the travel style, Tauck is truly all inclusive & offers the ultimate in personalised service. They want to make sure that nothing takes you out of the moment. You’ll never find yourself asking… “Should I spend the money on this extra excursion? Do I really need another drink with dinner? Can I afford to dine at this Michelin-starred restaurant tonight? Is there a way that I could experience this without all of the crowds?” There are no optional extras on Tauck, if there’s an experience to be had & an extraordinary meal to savour… it’s included! You may have to dip into your wallet for a massage or souvenir, but you’ll survive without those if you have to.

One key message that resonated with me today is… the price is the price is the price! This means that everyone who travels with Tauck pays the same & gets the same experience. Whether this is your first journey with Tauck or your 10th, you’re all treated to the same high quality experience. You get what you pay for… and then some! 

Something else that I find special about Tauck is that all of their Tour Directors & Cruise Directors are employed directly by Tauck – they’re not contractors. This means that they are all part of the family & take great pride in working for this great company.

Being an American-based company, Tauck does attract a majority US market. I think that it might surprise you to know that Australian travellers are the next largest group to travel with Tauck? More Aussies are embracing these destination specialists in their exploration of the world. You’ll also find Canadians, Brits, Kiwis & other nationalities on many Tauck tours & cruises.

Thank you Tauck


Thank you Steve, Sharon, Kate, Sam & Ash for allowing me to participate in the Academy today. If I could book each client on a Tauck experience, I know that every one of them would be more than happy. Although, being realistic, I know that not everyone will be fortunate enough to travel with Tauck. We can all continue to dream & you will continue to make those dreams come true for the lucky ones!

Are you someone who will never settle for ordinary? Do you travel for good company? Do you want to leave your worries at home? Then Tauck is for you!

Oh, and I won’t ruin any surprises, but expect a lagniappe (AKA lanyap or a little something special) as you travel. Tauck’s Tour Directors will make you smile with unexpected bonuses once or twice along your journey. And don’t even get me started about the Enliven Fund! I look forward to hearing what lagniappes are included on your Tauck tour or cruise. ? Christie

PS. I have referred heavily on the notes that I took today, “stealing” many quality terms & phrases from Steve & the team. Thanks!

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