cocktail junkie getaways 

A small group of fabulous people who get together to savour incredible cocktails in amazing destinations – both close to home & around the world.

We will always include:

  • An evening of cocktails somewhere unforgettable
  • A food tour to get to know the sights & tastes of the destination
  • An indulgent meal somewhere special
  • A unique experience specific to the region
  • A luxurious place to lay your head at night

Everything else will depend on where we’re going, who is travelling with us & what’s inspiring us at the time.

Choose to bring a friend or share with a “friend you haven’t met yet” – or even better – ask about upgrading to have a room to yourself.

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Cocktail Junkie Getaways

The inspiration

Cocktail Junkie Getaways have been in the planning for a couple of years, but the inspiration is more than a decade (almost two) in the making...

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