Kenya Safari - Frequently Asked Questions

Kenya Safari - Frequently Asked Questions

So you have decided that Kenya is where you want to go on safari, an excellent choice!

Here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions when preparing for your safari!

What is a typical day on safari?

Each camp will vary its exact schedule and this will also change depending on the season.  However this a typical day on safari.

Activities will including morning and afternoon game drives as well as guided walks, some locations can include game viewing from a river.

Wake up early, before sunrise and begin the day with a hot drink and light snack before the first game drive.  With great opportunities to see wildlife whilst, it is still cool and the animals are most active.  Return to camp by late morning, in time to enjoy a delicious brunch.

Relax around camp for the middle of the day.  Animals are generally inactive during this time of day – they will be seeking shelter in the shade.

Enjoy a late lunch, laze around the pool if staying at a lodge, or head out on a short guided walk – highly recommended.

Yes, there will be more snacks and drinks before heading off on your second game drive, stopping somewhere scenic to watch the sunset whilst snacking on nibbles and a gin & tonic.

Returning to camp after sunset, relax around the campfire before dinner.  Some camps will offer night drives, also a must.

What type of food is offered on safari?

All I can say – it will be delicious!  Camps offer international-style cuisine.  Breakfast will include cereals, fruits, yogurt, cold meats, and full cooked breakfast to include bacon and eggs.  Lunch and dinner generally include a hearty soup for starters, salads, cold meats, pasta, meat and fish, plenty of vegetables and home-cooked bread.  All camps cater for dietary requirements and do need to know well in advance.

Will my mobile phone work?

Coverage is pretty good throughout Africa and you will need to check with your operator.  Alternatively, you can obtain a local sim card on arrival.  Simply ask your guide and he will arrange it for you.   Having said that it is also great to disconnect from the world and enjoy some time away from your device!

Will there be power to charge my camera and devices?

Yes, of course, generally camps are run on solar polar or generators.  However, there will always be a place in the main area to charge your camera and devices.  Safari vehicles are also fitted plugs to charge your camera whilst out on safari.  Smaller camps will ask you not to use your hair-dryer or electric shaver to conserve energy!

Should we tip and how much?

Tipping at camps should be at your discretion but as a guideline, you can tip your guide between US$10-15 per day / per guest.  You can tip your guide directly at the end of your stay.  The staff in the camp would appreciate your tip, again at your discretion – a tip of US$5-10 per day / per guest.  There will always be a tipping box in the main area of the camp and you can pop your tip into this box.  At the end of each month, the tips will be split equally amongst all camp staff.

What type of luggage do I need to take?

A very important question!  As most safaris in Kenya are generally fly-in / fly-out safaris, on small aircraft you will be restricted to 15kgs  of soft-sided luggage such as a duffle bag.  This 15kgs includes hand luggage.  No need to stress, all camps will offer a laundry service and I will give you a detailed packing list!

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