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During University I majored in Food Science and worked in that field until I had to either commit to that industry for a long time or fulfill me wishes of  travelling the world.

I vividly remember the meeting when I was advised I would be promoted and put into another University degree to progress up the corporate ladder. My response was somewhat different than what was expected; I mentioned I will be catching a jet plane and I do not know when I will be back again.

That was over 15 years ago. One door closes and another world opens. 5+ years after departing Australia and working in corporate fields both within food and other industries within Europe I returned to Australia. On the way back from Europe I spent 6 months travelling like the locals with my future wife who I meet whilst living in Edinburgh. We went via East Africa from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and into South Africa. I thought I arrived back very “travel fit,” although others (mother!) thought I was skin and bone…eye of the beholder it seems.

After having extensive independent travel experiences throughout Asia, Russia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, I wanted to work within the travel industry…and now I’m back. I was lucky enough to join a boutique high-end leisure & corporate agency which had been in operation for over 30 years. Needless to say, I learnt the tricks of the industry and provided a personal service for the company’ clients and my own. I have now been with Travel Managers for over 5 years and my premium personal service continues.

Where I've Travelled

After departing Australia on the way to Europe I travelled independently for over 6 months via Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong,  Japan,  South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and Egypt. Whilst living in Europe I travelled to most Western European countries as well as Russia and the Canary Islands.

I have now been with Travel Managers for over 5 years which has been great and along the way has included a reward for the biggest increase in clients not only for Victoria but the whole of the Travel Managers network across Australia. Over the years I have added to the destinations I have experienced including Hawaii, Fiji, Greece, Mauritius, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Dubai, Papua New Guinea, Singapore and the extensively throughout Australia. I like to experience new cultures and experiences so I will always try and get away on “study trips”. Now trips include 2 young children which is definitely a different take on things. Just as rewarding if not more so. It’s great to get to know the in’s and out of family travel which is very positive as it compliments my background in corporate and high end leisure travel.

Services I Provide

I deal extensively with the SME corporate market as well as referred leisure clients who appreciate the 24/7 access and my knowledge within the travel industry. I like to develop relationships with my clients so that they have great trust in what we organise together. Feel free to get in touch if you would like me to help you with your travel arrangements and give you a travel experience to remember. If for leisure trips there is a lot out there to experience. If for corporate trips you will be well looked after with access to corporate fares/rates as well as personal instant responses. All clients have by 24/7 personal service.  Everyone who appreciates service and expert knowledge should have a Travel Manager. Many Thanks.

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