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As your Personal Travel Manager, I have the insights, expertise and passion to ensure you receive a helpful and rewarding travel experience at every step of your journey.

Travel has changed over the last few years and there’s a lot more to consider. That’s why I am here to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible for you. I will put together your personalised Travel Itinerary and provide you with all the current information you need to be aware of when you make the booking.

To ensure I can deliver a high level of service to each of my valued clients and give each booking the attention it deserves, I only take on a dedicated number of travel files each month. For this reason, it’s important that I work with clients who are committed to working with me.

How does it work?

Should you wish to engage my travel management services, a Travel Commitment Deposit is payable prior to any research or trip design commencing. This is a deposit to secure my services and is fully redeemable off the total cost of your trip when you make your final payment – this is not an additional payment on top of your trip cost.

This deposit ​secures your dedicated timeslot for me to research and organise your ​Travel Itinerary and finalise your travel plans.

If for any reason you do not proceed with the trip in full, or it is cancelled, this deposit becomes non-refundable. This deposit is transferable if the trip needs to be postponed due to COVID-19 (border closures, a hotspot declared, etc).


Travel Commitment Deposit: $275 (including GST) per trip or destination


A ‘trip’ is defined by the travel arrangements required for your travelling party. For example, if 4 people are travelling on the same dates on the same flights, staying in the same hotel room and booking at the same time, only one Travel Commitment Deposit is due. If 2 of those 4 people are travelling on different flights, require a different hotel room, are staying longer or booking at separate times, a second Travel Commitment Deposit is required. A deposit is required per destination if the same travellers are visiting multiple countries or continents. Minimum deposit of $1,000 for larger groups of 10 travellers or more.

Your Travel Commitment Deposit includes three Itinerary revisions over a maximum of four weeks. If you require more changes, switch destinations or need longer to finalise your plans, additional deposits may be required. If you are unable to finalise your travel plans within three months of paying your Travel Commitment Deposit, your deposit will be forfeited – unless we are waiting for services to be released. I do reserve the right to retain the Deposit for services rendered and potentially decline your booking if your trip type changes or your trip varies drastically from what was originally agreed. For example, if you initially enquire about a cruise and then would like to switch to a flight-only booking. The main components and value of the trip quoted need to remain similar in the final booking to ensure the Deposit is not forfeited. By paying the Travel Commitment Deposit, you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions.


Getting started

Once your deposit is paid (see payment details here), we’ll continue with the Travel Management Experience and you will receive a personalised Travel Itinerary specific to your needs. This includes an overview of the current requirements for your trip including any relevant Visa information, Government links for travel regulations, Travel Insurance, etc.


Before you know it, your trip will be confirmed and you’ll be on your way!

Your journey starts here!

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