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I have always had a passion for all things travel, but especially cruising the oceans of the word to new and wondrous destinations. My extensive travel experiences culminated in me joining the travel industry a number of years ago. I was a little disappointed when I realised that throughout the industry, company profits and shareholders took precedence over experience, customer service and the ability to offer value for money to clients.

I have finally taken the plunge and started my own business as a Personal Travel Manager. I now have the ability to offer the level of service, the experience and incredible value for money that the ‘bigger companies’ are unable or unwilling to provide.

My greatest memories of my childhood are not of a particular present that I got for Christmas or a birthday. My greatest memories are of holidays we took as a family. It is these types of memories that will live in your children’s heart long after we are all gone. It is this ‘family time’ that helps shape the people your children become. For young adults, or for people with grown up children, it is the ability to achieve your dreams by visiting places and enjoying experiences that you had never been able to before.

I now have the ability to help you with this. I can help you create these memories, achieve these goals, realise these dreams. I am with you all the way, from start to finish. I will help you put together the perfect holiday or recommend the perfect cruise for whatever stage of life you are.

I will give you the best prices. I will add to that personal advice, follow up service and a genuine interest in getting you exactly what you need.

I don’t just sell travel, I sell dreams!

Julie Whitlock

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Think Big, Shop Small this Christmas

Think Big, Shop Small this Christmas
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Julie Whitlock

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