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Travelling is a passion that lead me to a career. I’ve covered most of the globe, with travels in over 64 countries across five continents, including living in four countries. These travels have included the spectrum of hovels and hotels and modes of transport as I’ve enjoyed the backpacking lifestyle through to the good life. Chances are, as we talk about your travel needs and desires; I’ll have some personal experience of the destination and/or packages we’re putting together. With over 20 years industry experience, working in travel agencies in three countries, including establishing over a dozen retail outlets, a corporate division and a head office and the fancy title of Vice President – I have a wealth of travel knowledge and contacts at my fingertips. I have two great passions in my professional life  – a love of organising travel and the joy of providing great customer service.

Where I've Travelled

I have backpacked and toured through Europe, wandered across Africa for 3 months, criss-crossed numerous Central and South American countries including sojourns into the Amazon and Galapagos, enjoyed Caribbean hospitality, weekends away in America (well, I was living in Canada), skied the Canadian slopes, cruised the Pacific, toured SE Asia including travelling the length of Vietnam and backpacking through China, travelled most of the roads there are to travel in NZ in a trusty old Holden HQ no less, lazed on tropical Pacific islands and explored all states and territories of our own wonderful country. I’ve done the tours and high end travel as well as industry trips and disappeared into continents for months on end with only a backpack and my wits. Once travelling got in my blood it never stopped. I get great joy now showing my daughter the world where I get to see countries for the first time again through the eyes of a child.

Services I Provide

You should have me as your Personal Travel Manager because I am the expert. You book with someone you can trust to get it right, to source the best value for money, and to be available 24/7.  I believe booking your travel‚ whether business or pleasure, should be a fun experience. Your de-stress and peace of mind should start from when we first discuss your plans together. Whatever your travel requirements or wish list, I have the experience and contacts to ensure your needs are meet. I am available to bring your plans together at a time that suits you. From the time of your first enquiry to when the tickets are in your hand, I’m always on the look out for the very best deals and options for you. This attention to detail and support continues until you arrive home and contact me again to arrange your next holiday. I have the experience, the knowledge, the contacts, the desire, the trust, the can do attitude to make your dream holiday a reality. Some of you have a personal Doctor, a personal Trainer, a personal Dentist, a personal Cleaner, a personal Lawyer – you need a Personal Travel Manager

Think Big, Shop Small this Christmas

Think Big, Shop Small this Christmas
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