Karin Evert – Schedule of Fees 2024

Travel starts long before you leave home. Whether it’s for a holiday with loved ones, a bucket list adventure or your next business trip, researching and booking all your arrangements can be time consuming and overwhelming. Leave that to me, your personal travel manager.

Service Service Fee Per Person (incl GST) 
  • Travel Consultation/Planning Fee
$150.00 (per booking, redeemable at time of final payment)
  • International Booking
$75.00 /$150 (Family)
  • International Air changes before the ticket issued
No fee
  • International Air changes after the ticket issued
$75.00 plus any fare difference/airline fees applicable
  • Cruise Booking
$65.00 per cabin
  • Domestic Booking – Australia
$65.00 / $130.00 (Family)
  • Domestic Air Booking – Rest of the World
$25.00 per sector
  • Domestic Air changes before ticket issued
No fee
  • Domestic Air changes after ticket issued
$30.00 plus fare difference if applicable
  • Land/Cruise Booking Amendment Fee
  • Booking Cancellation
$75.00 plus Commissions (Non-Refundable) & Supplier Fees
  • Frequent Flyer Award Bookings
  • Visa Processing Fee
  • Overseas Originating Travel
  • Travel Insurance Claim Documentation
  • Rail Booking

Merchant Fee Charges

Credit Card Type Credit Card fee including GST
  • Visa
credit card 1.43%  debit card 0.99%
  • Mastercard
credit card 1.46% debit card 0.88%
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

Please note airline and supplier charges may differ from these, if TravelManagers are required to pay an airline or supplier direct with your credit card, then the merchant fees and other service fees of the airlines or supplier will take effect to your booking. At all times we will endeavour to process your payment in your best interest.

Additional fees may be charged should arrangements be booked with suppliers who do not pay agent commissions, such as but not limited to; trains, experiences, tours, theatre tickets, etc. This will be advised prior to bookings and be noted in any quotes to clients.

For further information, please see our terms and conditions.  If you would like to discuss your travel plans please give me a call.

Your personal travel manager