The future of tourism - what will it look like?

The future of tourism - what will it look like?

Future of travel and tourism

The future of travel and tourism will look different, for sure.

So many questions, so few answers. We are still trying to come to terms with what the future of travel and tourism will look like. What will the new rules and regulations be? Will a vaccine be required? Will travel become more expensive again? The list of questions is endless.

Same as you I am ready to pack my bags and start exploring the world again. In the past any opportunity to travel that was presented, I was the first to say “Sign me up!” My passion for travel is not only my job but also my life.

Trends for future travel

  • Travel will become more sustainable: more eco-friendly. less crowds, more focus on community, reduction of carbon foot print and better health measures to everyone’s safety .
  • Purpose of travel :  gone is bucket-list and fast-paced travel, to be replace with slow and conscious travel to support communities.
  • Less is more: Quality of travel will outweigh quantity. That meant 1-2 longer trips with more immersive experiences
  • Believe it or not – an experienced travel manager will become  your new best friend. Your experienced travel expert will activate Plan B while you continue to enjoy your holiday, a safety-net you can no longer afford not to have.

Personal Travel Manager Meeting future of travel and tourism

  • Contactability – off the grid is almost a thing of the past. You will have to be contactable to ensure your safety and your wellbeing
  • Health and wellbeing through travel: We need a break from our daily routine to regroup and rejuvenate. Exploring other places brings joy and new perspectives that are sometimes necessary for a reset and more positive outlook in life.
  • Road- tripping – the new norm: travel is no longer a destination, it has become a journey and an experience which can start right in your own country.
  • Destination selection: this will largely depend on the particular destination’s  control of the coronavirus and the associated health and safety precautions.

Healthy travel future of travel and tourism

Planning for future travel

As you can see, so much more thought will need to go into planning your travel in the future. Group vs solo travel, shared transport vs private transfer, business class vs economy class travel – it will be all about social distancing and health precautions. Now more than ever you will need the expertise of a personal travel manager with insider industry knowledge to always be your backup when a sudden border closure or a new coronavirus outbreak is reported.

The future of travel can still be an exciting experience. The key is planning and having a backup plan. Now is the time to work with a personal travel manager.

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