What type of traveller are you?

What does travel mean to you?

Have you every thought about the reasons why you travel? What kind of traveller might you be? Whichever way you prefer to travel is you personal style. There is no right or wrong way of travel, just different.  Here some thoughts to ponder on what could be your reasons for travel:

Getting ready to travel

  1. Are you a Gatherer?  – You travel to add another “trophy” to your collection
  2. Are you a Traditionalist? – You only want to create bragging rights  to keep up with the “Joneses”
  3. Are you a Risk Taker? – Your only purpose to go is to have yet another adrenaline rush
  4. Are you a Runner?  – You don’t really care where you travel to, as long as you can get out of the daily routine
  5. Are your a Learner? – Your mission is to learn and experience as much as you can based on a prepared to-do list
  6. Are you a Religious Wanderer? – You are a long-distance walker, a visitor to temples, shrines and holy sites – seeking to reconnect with yourself through the journey
  7. Are you an Explorer? – You are always looking seeking to go to that remote and undiscovered place, we are talking expeditions
  8. Are you an Event Traveller – You are the perpetual guest at events like a wedding, a concert, a sporting competition etc.
  9. Are you the Indifferent – Your trip has no purpose, no special interest where the journey leads you, you are just going for the sake of it
  10. Are you the Inquisitive  – You explore the world with an open mind and want to see, hear, feel, taste and touch a destination

I see myself as a 10. Travel for me needs to be immersive and appeal to all of my senses. I want to get a feel for a place, soak up its vibe, become part of it, understand the people and be mesmerised but a different and unique way of life.

Which category do you fit in to?

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