Your plans and dreams of travelling start long before you leave home, and you might also need help during your adventures.
Researching, booking and then the continued management of your travel reservations can, at times be complicated and can often take up many hours of your time.
This is why you need a personal travel manager, to take all the stress away from the planning & day-to-day management of your travels.

Please find below my schedule of fees, while these cover most circumstances, these fees can be as individual as your travel plans, and not all of these will apply to your reservations.

Professional Service fees outlined below may be applied with discretion to your booking. These fees are charged to cover time, research and support for the duration of your itinerary planning through to travel. All deposits, commissions and fees are non-refundable. Prices are per person unless stated otherwise. These amounts above are in addition to supplier charges.

Service Service Fee (incl GST)
  • Travel Management Fee per trip
$250 single destination
$300 multi destination <14 days    $350 multi destination >14days
  • Group Booking (a group is considered 10 or more travellers on the same itinerary)
from $500 depending on group size
  • Domestic Airfare Ticket OR
    Internal Air Bookings – Rest of the world
    (i.e. Internal USA or Europe)
$40 per ticket – Australia

$45 per ticket – Europe & USA

  • International Airfare Ticket
$175 per ticket – for airfare only bookings

$40 per ticket – if airfare is part of a entire travel package

  • ALL Airfare changes
    (after the ticket has been issued)
$55 per ticket
plus any airline fee & fare difference
  • Inbound Airfares
    i.e. Airfares originating overseas to Australia
$250 per ticket
  • Cruise only bookings
$65 per cabin
  • Refund Processing
    (from Airline/Supplier)
$55 per hour
(minimum charge 1 hour)
*Does not include any supplier cancellation fees
  • Booking Amendment Fee
    (applicable anytime after deposit paid)
$55 per hour
(minimum charge 1 hour)
  • Documentation required for third-party Travel Insurance Claim
$75per hour
(minimum charge 1 hour)
  • “Other Items” (can include, but is not limited to: Car Rental, Rail Tickets, Theatre/Sports/Event tickets
$35 per item per person
  • Non-emergency After-Hours Assistance -24/7 emergency assistance is available free of charge while you are travelling. Please note this is for emergency situations only that cannot wait until business hours and only for bookings made and managed through TravelManagers.
$95 per hour
(or part thereof)
*As well as any applicable standard booking fees
  • Visa Processing Fee
$100 per passport
*Does not include visa application fees or courier fees
  • Booking Cancellation Fee

Commission and Booking Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE


Merchant Fees:
VISA                       Debit  /  Credit
Mastercard            Debit  /  Credit
American Express
Fee including GST
0.73%  / 1.21%
0.70%  / 1.24%

Notes on Merchant Fees: Please note airline and supplier charges may differ from these, if TravelManagers are required to pay an airline or supplier direct with your credit card, then the merchant fees and other service fees of the airlines or supplier will take effect on your booking. At all times we will endeavour to process your payment in your best interest.
Credit Card fees will be charged for ALL credit card transactions, including if you BPAY from a credit account (if this happens the fee will be added retrospectively).

Fee schedule is valid effective 15Jan2024.

Fee schedules are subject to review every six (6) months.

Please note these levies are inclusive of GST where applicable.

Please refer to TravelManagers Terms and Conditions for detailed policies around cancellation and refunds as well as our Peace of Mind guarantee