5 tips to Holiday Safely

5 tips to Holiday Safely

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto! And just like Dorothy we are learning to navigate the strange new ways of life. But what does that mean for how we holiday?

Well sweeping the border closures aside, there are a few things we should we expect when we go away even within our own state, and hopefully further abroad sometime soon.


Hotels verus Air BnB?

Whilst the share economy has its place, this potentially is not the time to be choosing Air BnB rentals.  With pushes for #holidayherethisyear and #supportlocal, it is time to give  thought to how your stay can impact a local community. A hotel will employ many local people from those working the front desk, to   cleaning  your room, kitchen staff to prepare meals, and  waiting staff to service you in the restaurant or deliver room service, to name a few. That potentially means your stay is helping provide many jobs to the local community. A stay at Air BnB, does not offer the same potential with generally only the owner benefitting financially, and not the community at large.

That said, in times of  Covid, cleanliness is next to well.. Healthiness!  Hotels must have regulations and rules in place to ensure they are Covid safe. These policies cover their main areas protocols, cleanliness of rooms, and how their staff will be able to look after you. Air BnB being private rentals offer no such policies.  Check with your personal travel manager, for what policies your hotel has put in place, so you know what to expect.

Take your own transport.

With passenger numbers limited for social distancing  aboard all  public transport, having your own wheels can mean getting from A to B much easier, and less stressful. So where possible take your own car, or arrange a rental car for the duration of your holiday, perhaps that convertible you have always wanted!

Take your own Toiletry products.

Now, not only are you now being Covid safe, but  you are also doing the environment a favour!  Hotels are changing what amenities you may find in your room, to include the likes of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser, along with all one use items. A  safer bet is to take your own.


Be a boy scout, and plan ahead

With Restaurants having Covid safe limits, the only way to avoid being “hangry ” is to  prebook your dining times, especially if you have kids in tow.  Take the same action when it comes to planning the sights of your holiday. With most social spaces now having capped numbers and/or staggered entry times, prebooking could be a requirement, and nobody wants to be dissappointed!


And Remember,  carry a mask/ face covering with you where ever you go,  as well as hand sanitiser  for when you cannot social distance.


Here’s to travelling beyond our own backyard sometime soon.


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