Getting inside intriguing India

Getting inside intriguing India

Personal travel manager, Kylie Gretener, shares some of her must see spots in India.

India isn’t the first location that comes to mind for many people when the idea of a mother daughter trip is thrown around. In fact, it had never been a thought until my family housed a young Austrian traveller who spoke at length about the friendly locals, unique culture and beautiful sights and sounds.

Following an opportunity that arose through my daughter’s blog post with a global travel organisation, we were headed to India much sooner than anticipated. Prior to heading off we did do the necessary vaccinations, as it’s always worth doing your homework before heading to a country like India. It’s far more enjoyable to experience the culture, than the hotel bathroom or the hospital ward.

After arriving in Delhi we met with our driver and got our first insight into the traffic in India – it certainly made Australian traffic seem like a well organized machine! As we looked out the window we saw our first glimpse of India with cars, bicycles, motorbikes, tuk tuks, rickshaws – all driving somehow in harmony despite it looking like total chaos to us. Thankfully we had a local guide to show us through Delhi and ensure we ate at safe restaurants, saw the best locations and got to experience the real India.

It wouldn’t have been a trip to India without visiting the stunning Taj Mahal. We visited the Taj Mahal as the sun was setting and got to experience a full spectrum of colours in the beautiful Indian sunset. Seeing the sun set over the smooth marble, staring at the craftsmanship of the marble inlay flowers and Sanskrit all around the building is an experience that cannot be matched. A visit to the Taj Mahal at sunset is certainly worth it.

The Amber Fort in Jaipur is another site that should be high on any traveller’s itinerary. We travelled to the fort on elephants through a dust storm and truly felt like adventurers. The site takes over two hours to explore properly and is full of history and intrigue.

Aside from the tourist locations, the culture of India is something to behold. From laneways with overhanging wires and monkeys leaping between windowsills to fabulous hotels – India is a nation with polarized identities. Despite the extreme poverty of the slum dwellers and the hawkers always looking for a sale, the Indian people were extremely friendly and kind to tourists. The tranquil happiness which they display instantly puts travellers at ease.

While India may seem like an adventurous and risky location to visit, a well planned trip will make it a relaxed and rewarding trip. Lightweight clothes, covered shoes and cameras are all you need to take. As in any developing nation, bottled water is the safest bet and avoiding ice in your drinks will also help you avoid Delhi belly. Last but not least, take an open mind. India has a lot to show the traveller who is willing to see it all.

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