Having just spent 3 months visiting family in Sweden, I can definitely say that the country has learnt to live with Covid. There were some minor restrictions prior to Christmas but these have since been lifted. There are no mandatory restrictions, the Government ask the people to do the right thing around social distancing and staying home when unwell. Vaccinations are not mandated but the take up rate is high. They are very aware of doing the right thing. Both my husband and I were able to have booster shots without charge. It is virtually cashless in Sweden. Very few places accept cash so you need a good credit/debit card that does not charge currency conversion or foreign transaction fees. They were very happy to see Australians visiting and couldn’t understand why we were not allowed to leave our own country for so long. The people are extremely worried about the war in Ukraine, it is the most talked about subject.

Thanks to Lisa Leary at Travel Managers for booking our flights & checking on our progress. We didn’t have any problems with our flights. Dubai airport was fully operational although masks are mandatory, but that varies too as we didn’t need them at Stockholm or Gothenburg airports but we did at Copenhagen so the rules can be confusing. The biggest hassle is making sure all your paperwork is in order at the airport and you have a negative PCR test within the timeframe if required. Not that much has changed, everything just takes more time. The new Digital Passenger Declaration form was a bit confusing & you need to allow time to complete it.

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