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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…

“Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life!”

Well I love travel! And short of winning that elusive powerball and jet-setting for the rest of my life, working in travel is the best thing I can do to immerse myself in my two passions – people and travel.

After school I started a Biology Degree at Curtin University. During my first semester break I went to Japan to visit my sister and after a stellar night of Karaoke with her boss I was offered a job teaching English to young children. Even at the tender age of 18 it was a no-brainer for me, I got to experience a unique and beautiful part of the world AND they were going to pay me for it!

I spent a year in Hiroshima completely loving this exciting, fast paced city with it’s beautiful people and stunning countryside. The different food, culture and lifestyle had me hooked and the Wanderlust took over! I never returned to university, instead I made the world my school and ‘studied’ for the next 5 and half years. I trained through Europe, waitressed in Greece, worked in the UK, fought my way through Egypt and the Middle East, completing my Scuba course in the Red Sea. I spent several weeks covering Thailand from top to bottom, checked out Fiji then bought an old Chevy motorhome in LA.  I had the best year of my life cruising the states, snowboarding in Whistler, pitching my hammock along the coast in Mexico, risking my life on the buses in Guatemala, cruising the Carribean and picnicing in Central Park.

All that ‘hard work’ paid off when I finally returned home and have since worked with two of Australia’s largest travel companies , sharing my knowledge of the world.

More recently after the arrival of three gorgeous children I have been to Bali! A lot!! Travelling with kids is very different to that free spirited travelling I was used to but I still love getting away. When my youngest was 5 we took them all to Cambodia and Vietnam for 7 weeks. I was so eager to show them ‘the other side’ and they loved it!!

I have also had many opportunities to broaden my travel experience through industry trips such as European Rivercruising from Budapest to Amsterdam with Avalon waterways, an incredible trip across Argentina and Brazil with Chimu Adventures, Scuba diving in the Raja Ampat region of West Papua and riding a Royal Enfield through South India with Nevermind Adventure.

The most exciting thing for me about working with TravelManagers is that I can run my business as a boutique agency dealing with fewer clients which enables me to provide quality, personalised service. I can visit clients anywhere in the Fremantle or Western Suburbs area to sit down and work out what it is they really want from their trip and form solid relationships with my clients built on trust and the awareness of their needs.

If you’re thinking of travelling and would like some honest advice or a helping hand please give me a call!

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Tailor made holidays with unique experiences to suit my clients individual requirements.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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