The TravelManagers' 'Axus' App

The TravelManagers’ ‘Axus’ App is a secure, ‘value added’ technological tool, designed to enhance your overall trip experience. Download the ‘Axus’ app for free from your mobile devices’ app store, onto all of your mobile devices.

Use the TravelManagers’ ‘Axus’ app to view a ‘snapshot’ of all of your overall travel arrangements and full travel itinerary – online. The app also gives you access to many other helpful and useful travel tools and resources, such as destination guides, your e-tickets, passport copies, travel vouchers, etc.

Once Nicole, your Personal Travel Manager, has ‘published’ your itinerary within Axus, you will be sent a ‘welcome email’ with a link to the TravelManagers branded Axus App, containing your user name and passcode. To activate your Axus app account, you will only need to enter this information in once because your user name/passcode will be stored in your Axus app on all of your mobile devices.  All TravelManagers itineraries published against your registered email address will upload in that Axus app secure profile.

You will stay updated with any changes to your trip itinerary, such as last-minute flight schedule changes and boarding gate information, whilst you are away, whilst accessing your TravelManagers’ ‘Axus’ app on your mobile devices.

The TravelManagers’ ‘Axus’ app is linked to your TravelManagers’ booking file number, and automatically refreshes and updates when you are using wi-fi, anywhere in the world.

It’s like having Nicole, your Personal Travel Manager, on hand, there with you!