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13 APR 2018


Things to consider when choosing a full service airline verses a low cost/budget airline

One of the biggest changes seeing a lot of growth, within the travel industry, and in particular the airline/aviation industry, is the rise and popularity of low-cost/budget/low-frill airlines or carriers.  Whether you are planning to fly domestically or internationally, flying has never been cheaper – you are literally spoilt for choice! Low cost, low frill and budget airlines are characterised by offering lower airfares and less inclusions than their ‘full service’ competitors, such as no frequent flyer points, no complimentary meals, no airport lounge access, no pre-assigned seating requests, no inflight entertainment, no checked-in luggage allowances, etc.  You will also be charged extra for payment using a credit card, and for booking extra leg room or exit rows (if they are offered at all). As a mum, with a family of four, I totally get it – finances and budgets are tight, and I’d rather save my money by buying cheaper airfares for the four of us, and putting those savings towards a nicer standard of accommodation or more sightseeing tours being included.   And business corporations and companies are tightening their budgets and travel expenses too.  Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, it’s hard to justify paying pricey airfares, for shorter flights.  Extra dollars spent on airfares quickly adds up, especially when it involves more than one passenger travelling. But are flying with lower cost, cheaper airlines, really good value for money?  And are you really saving a lot of money overall? Both have their pros and cons, for picking one over the other.  As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  Typical characteristics of booking with cheaper, low frills and low budget airlines include: Booking cheaper, fixed price airfares, most of the time, than those offered by full service airlines, therefore no further discounts are available These airfares are usually instant purchase – ie.

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