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Travel starts long before you leave home. Whether it’s for a holiday with loved ones, a bucket list adventure or your next business trip, researching and booking all your arrangements can be time consuming and overwhelming. Leave that to me.

The value of a personal travel manager

The below fees do not include the airlines & wholesalers’ cancellation or change fee.  Fees will apply whether changes or cancellations have been voluntary or involuntary.


Itinerary Planning Fee
Redeemable on final payment $250.00 ( per quote)
Waiver of this fee will be considered for special circumstances.
Airfare Booking Fee – per person
International $100.00  Includes ticketing fee.
International – originating from overseas $150.00
International – internal flights $50.00
Domestic $50.00
Trans-Tasman & South Pacific $50.00
Changes to airfare booking fee – per person
International before ticketing $50.00
International after ticketing $150.00
Domestic $30.00
Trans-Tasman & South Pacific $30.00
Domestic in other countries $50.00
Cancellation of airfare booking (this includes the refunding process) – per person
Domestic Air $50.00
Trans-Tasman & South Pacific $50.00
International 12% of fare excluding taxes
Cancellation of packaged holidays, cruises, tours when paid in full                (this includes the refunding process) – per person
15% of the prices paid
Deposits are non refundable 
Domestic $50.00
International $200.00
Frequent flyer airfare change booking changes – per person
Domestic $50.00
International $200.00
Frequent flyer airfare booking cancellation – per person
Domestic Air $50.00
International Air $100.00
Theatre, Sporting Tickets etc.
Per booking $100.00
Visa’s – per person
Application $100.00
Insurance claims
Policy purchased independently $100.00


Professional Service fees outlined above may be applied with discretion to your booking. These fees are charged to cover time, research and support for the duration of your itinerary planning through to travel. All deposits, commissions and fees are non-refundable. Prices are per person unless stated otherwise. These amounts above are in addition to supplier charges.

For further information, please see TravelManagers Terms and Conditions.

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