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Growing up in Australia with Finnish parents saw me travelling from a very young age. Our visits to beautiful Finland and Scandinavia gave me a real passion for travel and all that this wonderful world of ours has to offer. My start in travel began in 2001 and during this time I have learnt about the many facets of this ever expanding industry. I have worked in retail, wholesale and also worked closely with groups and corporate business in events management, taking care of the travel and accommodation requirements for their respective conferences and travel requirements. I believe that travel is one of the most wonderful gifts you could give to yourself and family, especially children. Because of my chosen industry my two sons have been blessed with experiencing so many different sights, sounds and flavours for which they are richer for. Seeing the world is my favourite thing to do so allow me to create your dream holiday or arrange your travel plans no matter what the purpose. Travel should be exciting and stress free so let your journey begin with me.

Where I've Travelled

A little piece of me has been left behind each of the incredible destinations I have been blessed to visit and I cannot wait to return to each of them one day. Bali, Dubai, England, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, Vanuatu

Services I Provide

I can assist you with all your travel needs including airfares, cruising, rail, car rental, accommodation, group travel, corporate travel, tailor made itineraries, travel insurance and I am available 24/7 and will be with you for every step of your journey!

Even a Hawk Deserves a Personal Travel Manager

Even a Hawk Deserves a Personal Travel Manager

Very proud to be sponsoring Matt Ghirardello from the Tuggeranong Hawks again this year!

I’m excited to be onboard and wish Matt and the team all the best for the 2018 season!

Go the Hawks!

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Even a Hawk Deserves a Personal Travel Manager

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Travel gift certificates
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