Schedule of Professional Service Fees – Rose Febo

Travel starts long before you leave home. Whether it’s for a holiday with loved ones, a bucket list adventure or your next business trip, researching and booking all your arrangements can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Leave that to me, I’m an experienced and accreedited travel professional.

As is the reality in every other service-based industry, it has become necessary for Travel Agents to charge for their expertise and time. This is for a number of reasons.  In the past travel advisors relied on commissions with minimal extra charge to clients. However, in this constantly evolving market, the situation has changed dramatically since Covid-19. Many airlines now pay minimal or no commission for travel professionals to promote and sell their products and instead recommend the charging of service fees. Some services that agents perform do not attract any commissions at all eg: visa processing, Frequent Flyer Redemption bookings, internet airfare bookings, travel consulting and comprehensive itinerary preparation.

Service Service Fee (pp, excluding GST)
  • Plan to go itinerary planning Travel Management Fee
 $250 – $500
  • International Air Booking (subject to complexity and booking class)
$50 – $250
  • Domestic Air Booking (subject to complexity and booking class)
$50 – $150
  • New Zealand Air Booking (subject to complexity and booking class)
$50 – $150
  • Air booking changes prior to tickets being issued
  • Air booking changes after tickets have been issued
$150 – $350
  • Domestic Air Booking other countries (subject to complexity)
$55 – $150
  • Round the World Airfares
$150 – $500
  • Refund Processing Fee
$100 per hour. Min 1 hour
  • Frequent Flyer Award Redemption Domestic
  • Frequent Flyer Award Redemption International
  • Visa Processing Fee
$60 per visa, per passport
  • Changes made after deposits paid (ie; hotel/car/tour/cruise etc)
$55 per change
  • Travel insurance claim statement and certifying letter (If insurance not purchased through TravelManagers)
$250 per claim
  • Cruise Booking Management
$100 per person
  • Train tickets / Event tickets / Show tickets etc
  • After Hours Service (weekends and 5pm-9am AEST weekdays)
$150 per. Min.  1 hour
  • Future Travel Credit redemption

Professional Service fees outlined above are a guide and may be applied with discretion to your booking. These fees are charged to cover time, research and support for the duration of your itinerary planning through to travel. All deposits, commissions and fees are non-refundable. Prices are per person unless stated otherwise. These amounts above are in addition to supplier charges.

For further information, please see our terms and conditions.

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