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I’m Sinead Phillips, Your personal travel manager.

My travel career started 13 + years ago when I began working for Flight Centre, firstly as a consultant for 2 years, then as a store Manager for 3 ½ yrs.  Working for a major retail company gave me a great insight into the travel industry and taught me a lot about customer service and running a business.

In 2010 I decided that it was time for a change from the constant rush that was my life.  I wanted to create a work / life balance for myself, and have the time to provide my clients with the “Gold” service they deserve, finding them the best travel deals possible and be more available to them.

Starting my own mobile consulting business through TravelManagers has allowed me to dedicate myself fully to the needs of my clients, whether they are planning a dream honeymoon, family holiday, business trip or yearly getaway to their favourite destination

At the age of 16 I took my first trip overseas, travelling on my own to the other side of the world, and I have travelled extensively ever since. Being Irish I have plenty of first-hand knowledge on Ireland, the UK & Europe, and love helping clients plan their perfect European holidays.

Where I've Travelled

Staying awake all night on the beach at Gallipoli in Turkey, where the famous Anzac day battle was played out over 90 years ago. Experiencing the dawn service and then climbing the hill with the sun shining down on us is an experience I will never forget, and highly recommend.

Driving round the whole of Ireland! I left Ireland when I was 10 years old I hadn’t seen a lot of where I come from, so this was a fantastic way to do it. I had it all planned out before I left, and with the help of my parents I made sure I visited all the best places to go, and I also discovered some new ones.

New York City. Well, what can I say? I went with no expectations but got blown away by this dynamic, tangible city. I never would have thought I’d be sitting in the Ed Sullivan theatre at a David letterman Show…a magic moment!

They are just a few of the many life enhancing experiences I’ve had and I’d be happy to share many more and help you create your own lasting memories.

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Be inspired, discover fascinating destinations and read our top travel tips
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