Why MumScapes

Why MumScapes

Although I love to create and organise holidays for my clients, the thought of hosting a group of women for a weekend was never on my radar. I had never thought of taking it to this next level until circumstances forced my hand: my business had gone on the back boiler while I took nearly a year off when my daughter was born and I was ready to walk away from it as I couldn’t see how to balance my new life and getting the wheels turning like they needed to. Even though to me, travel is life, I thought that maybe the time had come for a change.

In a final attempt at making something drastic happen, I turned my attention to groups. Having had plenty of experience in organising school groups over the years, I figured it couldn’t be that much harder to add hosting into the mix.

To my surprise and delight, I discovered a whole new passion, working many long nights over nearly a year to perfect what I wanted to create, and started off with a weekend away for Mums. Something local that wouldn’t break the bank, but with plenty of content so that they could choose to do as much as they liked. I thought it would be a good way to test the concept of getting away, refilling their cup and taking some time for themselves. My aim was to give these mums a rest, help them to connect with other women and recharge the batteries while having a good time, with no cooking, cleaning or organising required.

When the day of departure arrived, it would be an understatement to say I was nervous, but I had plenty to organise to keep my mind busy! We had lots of beds to make, food to organise, and set ourselves to making the place look homely before our eighteen women arrived.
Beginning with dinner and wine tasting, over the next two days there were many laughs, a few tears, group fitness, beach walks, a few wines, yoga, massages, connections made and some realisations reached: the most important one being, “I need to do this more often.”

The concept was a runaway success – a getaway for women (not just mums), giving them the chance to look after themselves, take time out from the busy schedule, the kids, the partner, the house and the responsibilities, and focus on taking care of #1…..

So why not join us on the next MumScape weekend or overseas getaway, or let me create a customised one for you and your girlfriends/ mothers group or you womens community.

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