About me

I’ve been travelling for as long as I can remember, and have been helping others navigate their travel dreams for over 17 years.

Born in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, and raised in Cairns, FNQ from the age of two, my childhood was spent traversing the East Coast of Australia, top to bottom, taking trips to the Whitsundays and cruising the South West Pacific.

When I was 15, I did a school exchange to Japan and fell in love – with the opposite expressions of reality that this historical Asian country presented, compared to my Australian upbringing.  The culture, the food, Zen Buddhism, Eastern philosophy – it was just what I needed to awaken me to the unfathomable beauty and wonder of the world, and its people.

I completed university education with a Bachelor of International Business and Accounting at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, and promptly whisked myself back to Japan to work as an English language teacher.

The travel bug had well and truly bitten me by then… I switched  my teacher’s hat for a backpack and headed to the UK for a two-year working holiday.  In addition to living, working and travelling through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the two years was interspersed with trips through Europe, Egypt and South East Asia (Asia was always my go-between, my “home-away-from-home” when journeying between Australia and Europe).

Returning to Australia with newfound appreciation of history and culture, I headed straight into the Red Centre, to pay respects and tribute to the historical, cultural and magnificent significance of central Australia and the indigenous custodians of my home soil.

Getting married and starting a family has changed my perspective, scope and experience of travel.  With kids in tow, my family has explored again through South East Asia, as well as the USA and Australia.

I have also been fortunate enough to experience some of New Zealand, as well as our magical southern island state of Tasmania.

Whether as an independent traveler, family, or travelling professional, I’ve always felt the importance of having a professional “in-the-know”, watching your back at the ready to assist in times of joyful wonder, as well as the unexpected hiccups that emerge through life, along the way.

I pride myself on being this guardian for my travelling clients.  To share in the dreams and motivations to travel, whatever they may be, and help create, confirm and follow through, every step of the journey, so that we can all experience the world that matters to us – safely, securely, peacefully.

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Where I've Travelled

Australia … East coast – from Far North Queensland to the southern tip of Victoria, and Tasmania, eventually settling in the Northern Rivers, Far North NSW.  Whitsunday Islands and the Red Centre of Australia

South West Pacific … cruising Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Isle of Pines

Japan … Tokyo, Suzuka, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Kyoto, learned to ski at Nagano

South East Asia … Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phang Ngan, Buddhist retreat at Suan Mokh (Surat Thani)

… Laos, Malaysia, Singapore

UK … lived and worked in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin

Europe … toured through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece (including the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Ios), Spain

Africa … only Egypt at this stage – but gee it was worth it – there is nothing like experiencing the Pyramids in person!

America … West Coast, including Disneyland California; and Hawaii

New Zealand … Auckland, and South Island including Christchurch, Hanmer Springs, Nelson, Abel Tasman National Park

Indian Subcontinent – India – where my then fiance (now husband) and I met the Dalai Lama and conceived our eldest daughter.


Destinations I'm Passionate About

Blossoming in Japan

At 15, I did a school exchange to Japan and fell in love – it was the opposite of everything I had come to know.  The culture, the food, Zen Buddhism, Eastern philosophy.  I find it both challenging and inspiring.  Endearing and perplexing all at once.

After completing university (B International Business and Accounting), I promptly whisked myself back to Japan to work as an English language teacher.  Here my students ranged from 3 – 70 years.  I turned 21 during this time.  I learned to ski in Nagano (hantai is the Japanese word for keeping the skis pointed together in the right direction… very important word to remember whilst skiing!), and watched the Cherry Blossoms bloom in Kyoto (and marveled at how tiny blooming flowers could bring a country, and its men, women and children, together in awe and admiration for nature’s display).

I’ve returned to Japan with my family when my children were pre-school age, and was fortunate to stay with a Zen-Master friend at his family managed Chogenji Temple – an experience none of us will ever forget, not just for the amazing Buddhist temple architecture and gardens, but for the immersion in a philosophy, practice and serene love and service, that is Temple life.

Kyogle, Northern Rivers, NSW

1. What would you consider to be the ultimate travel experience in the this region, and why?
I would consider the ultimate travel experience in our region to be a visit to the Border Ranges National Park.  Jump in a car (doesn’t have to be 4WD), the drive up from Kyogle to the Border Ranges is gorgeous.  As you go deeper into the green rolling valleys, keep an eye out for koalas, breathe deep as you rise up into the clear, fresh rainforest air.  There are some breath-taking lookouts that you can easily drive to, such as The Pinnacle, and once you’re in the National Park, there are multiple idyllic picnic and/or camping spots, plenty of really great walks, from short 1km strolls to 9km treks, encountering ancient trees, pristine Gondwana rainforest, refreshing creeks, abundant wildlife and cool ever-flowing waterfalls.
2. Your favourite self-drive route and destination, and why?
I love driving the Lions Road into NSW.  It is apparent as soon as you cross the border from Queensland into NSW, that different logging laws have been applied over the years!  Whilst the QLD side has some impressive equestrian facilities, and river crossings, there’s nothing like crossing the border grid, from expansive open country of Queensland, into the nurturing embrace of the forests of New South Wales, where the temperature drops as the rainforest closes in overhead and the sounds of whipbirds and wildlife implore you on your way.  The Border Loop Lookout is a beautiful place to stop and admire the majestic views.  The numerous bridge and river crossings crossings are just delightful, and the historical significance of the existence of the Lions Road gives the journey even more depth –  It was funded, planned and built by volunteers of Kyogle Lions Club in the late 1960s and is testament to the determination and community spirit that Kyogle still has in abundance today.
3. What are some of the reasons  you think Kyogle and its villages are a great tree-change holiday? What does this area have that makes it special?
Tree-change holiday?  That’s what first brought me here back in 2005… a holiday.  Kyogle and surrounds were green, lush, friendly, a bit quirky and alternative, yet laid-back and welcoming.  Kyogle’s not fast-paced like the city, you can stroll leisurely and that’s ok… people look up and are happy to say, “Hi”, and engage with you.  Kyogle is cultured, colourful, creative, adventurous.    It’s accessible to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Byron and beyond – so perfect for folks who need to get out of the hustle and bustle for a day, a few days, or like me… a lifetime ; )
4. After droughts, fire, floods… how can travellers support small regional communities to recover?
Travellers support small regional communities by visiting.  By bringing their friends and family, their wallets and their cameras.  By enjoying the local shops, cafes, galleries, parks, markets and experiences on offer.  By sharing their experiences, all the “instagrammable” moments with others, so that the word can spread … that life has a way of recovering, and thriving.

Services I Provide

As your personal TravelManager, I am committed to providing you with the highest level of personal service and flexibility to meet your travel needs.  I provide a full service in organising flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, cruises, travel insurance, and all the additional travel services to make your experience stress free and most importantly enjoyable.  I can help you with:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Sightseeing and activities
  • Escorted tours
  • Rail
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfers
  • Cruise
  • Car hire / Motorhome hire

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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