Bangkok Weekend Chatuchak Markets

Bangkok Weekend Chatuchak Markets

Shopping and Cultural Sensation on 35 acres!

If you’re in Bangkok over the weekend, a must-do shopping and cultural sensation, is the 35 acre Chatuchak Markets.  Over 15,000 stalls, with everything from fabric to electronics, souvenirs to flowers, armchairs to animals, this is the World’s largest weekend market.

On our recent trip to Bangkok, in April, we were subject to near 40 degree days, and close to 100% humidity.  That said, we decided to start early in the day!  We caught the Skytrain (BTS) which was fast, cool and gave great views travelling through Bangkok (see below for more info).  It can be a bit overwhelming, given the size of the market, so it’s worth checking out the map to see what you’re interested in.  If you see something you like and think you’d like to buy it – then buy it – then and there, because you may have trouble finding it if you decide to go back to it later.  When it gets too hot, I recommend taking time out for a coconut smoothie and foot massage!  Foot massage was THB150, or about AUD$7, it’s a lovely way to spend half an hour.

If you’re feeling brave enough, check out the animal section.  I do not condone the practice of live sales of animals in this environment, but if you are open to having your heart strings stretched, and a bit of culture shock, you’ll find it here.

Getting to Chatuchak

Getting to Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is quite easy on public transport. You can come by taxi but this would likely be the slowest and most expensive option. The subway and Skytrain options are best, and both have stations very close to the market.

Coming to Chatuchak by Skytrain (BTS) you should get off at Mo Chit Station and exit the station by exit number 1. From here just follow the crowds to the market entrance.

On the Subway (MRT), travel to Chatuchak Park Station and as above, take exit number 1 and follow the crowds. From this station you’ll be entering Chatuchak Market via the clothing section, but if you prefer to enter via the plant and flower section you should get off the subway at Kampheng Phet MRT Station and take exit 1.

Chatuchak Market Opening Hours

Don’t let the name fool you – this may be Chatuchak Weekend Market but there are some sections of the market open on weekdays too. Having said this, the huge market that sells everything under the sun is only open on weekends. The official Chatuchak Market opening hours are as follows:

Wednesday and Thursday – Plants and Flowers only – 6:00am to 6:00pm

Friday – Wholesale Day – 6:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday – Main market days, everything available – 6:00am to 6:00pm

You’re advised to get to the market in the morning to avoid some of the crowds and the heat that mounts up across the day, however, many stalls do not open until after 8am or even 9am so you may not want to plan your arrival until 9am anyway.

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