Get your Travel Agent FAQs straight!

Get your Travel Agent FAQs straight!

Answers to some common questions…

Why should I book with you?

  • I can save you money
  • Support local small business
  • I care about your plans, and intend to see them through smoothly (like your Travel Guardian Angel)
  • You receive the insight and network expertise to find what you’re looking for (even if you’re not sure what it is yet!) (Otherwise known as the Brains Trust)

Can you book things, other than flights?

  • YES! I book accommodation, car, motorhome hire, train journeys, day trips, group tours, charter boats – you name it, I can book it!

Does it cost more to book with you?

  • NO! Usually you’ll save money! I have access to wholesale package rates, which can means savings of up to 20% on what you’d normally pay.

If I see a package online, can you book it?

  • ABSOLUTELY! And I might even save you money! And by managing the booking for you, you don’t have to juggle the pieces, and can enjoy your holiday, stress free.


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