Managing Your Travels for 18 Years... and counting!

Managing Your Travels for 18 Years... and counting!

The shift to TravelManagers – Best Decision Ever!!!

Here’s me in the news, with some of my amazing colleagues/(family), sharing some of the reasons why.
(That’s me on the right, in the rice fields of Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳)
“When you join TravelManagers you’re treated like family. Tamara Tiffin, from Green Pigeon, NSW, says this is a welcome benefit.
Tamara revealed, “TravelManagers support and systems are designed completely for home-based consultants, and it shows.” She continues, “My previous host did not specialise in home-based businesses. I often felt like an outsider and a nuisance with any systems queries.”
Tamara continues, “TravelManagers’ is like a well-oiled machine with kind, caring, knowledgeable, and helpful people which means I feel like I have a team working for, and with me. The TravelManagers culture is one of support, knowledge, power, inspiration, quality, honesty, and integrity.””

Incidentally, today I signed another 2-year contract with TravelManagers – I am excited to have “survived” Covid and happy to be sticking around to help you with all your travel goals!


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