Why do I need a Personal Travel Manager?

Why do I need a Personal Travel Manager?

The travel industry is quite an extraordinary one to work within (click here to hear my musings).  I often say that I love being able to “travel vicariously through my clients”.

I don’t just book trips, I love to tap into the questions behind the trips,

Why are you travelling?

What is it you want to feel from the experience?

What motivates you and inspires you to reach out into the world?

I love being able to apply my many years worth of industry knowledge, updates and understanding as well as an appreciation for life itself and the travel opportunities that present.  Whether it’s 1st time travelling, ticking off bucket lists, family reunions, or travel for re-connecting with loved ones, business travel, or just a well-earned break – there’s so many details to consider, and I personally, love it!

Morning vs night -“What side of the plane do you want to sit on to see the sunrise (or avoid it!)?”,  if this is important to you.

I find that by asking the right questions, it helps to fill in the details that are right for the traveler, including things like

  • safety – which areas are safe, and which travel service providers are safe to use
  • position – where to be based to get the most from the experience
  • protection – what insurances can we put in place to ensure that you’re protected for your activities
  • price – what is realistic and desirable for you?
  • security – how to pay for your trip so that your money is secure in the event of unforeseen circumstances
  • value – what is it that you value (not just money, but from the experience itself)
  • timings – what’s your idea of transit?  what’s reasonable for you?
  • streamlining – arriving, departing, allowing sufficient time between connection components of your trip – making it smooth
  • co-ordination – meeting up with others along the way? (A reunion perhaps?)  How can I co-ordinate arrivals, departures?
  • flexibility – what measures can we take to ensure that you have flexibility in your booking arrangements?

Being 1/600 Personal Travel Managers, a collective with average 20 years experience, my knowledge base is expanded to include the most experienced, traveled, professional, insightful comrades in the industry and certainly the people I want to have my back… so that I can have yours…

… so let’s get on and create the journey that ticks all your individual, personal, unique and worthy boxes.

Let’s create the journey together.

Tamara Tiffin
Based in Green Pigeon, NSW

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