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Aaah the joys of travel, where would we be without these experiences that open our eyes to the wonders the world has to offer. The people, food, culture, music and everything else that makes travelling what it is. I was born in the tropical paradise that is Aberdeen, Scotland…..well maybe not tropical! I have been travelling around the globe for many years now and for the past 12 years I have had the privilege of being able to assist people get to the places they have always dreamed of. I enjoy immensely being able to ensure that my clients get a stress free opportunity to get what they want out of their travel experience whether it be for leisure or business. I have been a travel consultant in the manic world of a travel agency on a London High street (long hours but super travel benefits!) and also as the Manager of an agency in Brisbane for a couple of years. What remains the same however is the wonderful people I have dealt with, some have been my repeat clients for over 12 years now and all of the fantastic referrals I receive which for me is the ultimate compliment.

I am very proud of my achievement at being Personal Travel Manager of the Year for 2019……  yeeha!!!

Where I've Travelled

EUROPE: All over the place really. Highlights: cycling, eating and drinking through Tuscany, stunning Santorini and buying my gorgeous Turkish Rug in Capadoccia. Oh…..and the rugged beauty of the Scottish highlands…perfect! AFRICA: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa Highlight: camping in the Okavango Delta. USA: East and West coasts and Hawaii Highlight: Running the New York Marathon and Helicopter ride over Manhattan and Helicopter down into Grand Canyon…whoooa! ASIA: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, Singapore,Indonesia, India, Japan,Hong Kong and Brunei Highlights: Hong Kong itself…what a place,Angkor Wat is a truly majestic and awe inspiring place..loved it! Learning to snowboard on slopes of Nozawa Onsen in Japan and walking around the postcard old town and beach of Hoi An. MIDDLE EAST: Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates and Doha, Qatar Highlight: Burj Al Arab hotel, best backpackers resort in the world. EGYPT: Highlight: cruising the Nile in a Felucca and the amazing Great Pyramids…obviously. CARRIBEAN: St Lucia and Martinique Highlights: The wonderful all inclusive resort of Le Sport…the best. MAURITIUS: Highlight: the wonderful harmonious mix of cultures. SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji and New Caledonia Highlights: Superb family holiday. AUSTRALIA: All states and capitals. Highlights: The Ghan train trip….nice! Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tassie….it reminded me of Scotland and Queenslands beautiful beaches. NEW ZEALAND: North and South Islands. Highlights: North and South Islands!!

Services I Provide

I would love to be able to assist you in your travel planning, I can be contacted at any time either by phone or email and can catch up at any location convenient for you…I prefer somewhere that serves a decent latte. Look forward to hearing from you.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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James Hermiston
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