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Wanderlust in my veins, passport in my pocket: I am your guide to unforgettable journeys

For as long as I can remember, travel has been my lifeblood. Over 20 years crisscrossing the globe, across 40+ countries, has fueled an insatiable wanderlust that burns brighter than ever. From budget backpacking adventures to luxurious getaways, exploring bustling cityscapes to immersing myself in serene wilderness, I’ve experienced travel in all its glorious, exhilarating diversity.

Retail, corporate, tourism – I’ve worn many hats in the industry, honing my expertise and understanding how travel needs differ. But one thing remains constant: my unwavering passion for crafting exceptional travel experiences for each and every client.

Think of me as your travel-obsessed confidante, the one who devours guidebooks for fun and gets giddy at the sight of a new passport stamp. I don’t just sell trips; I curate journeys that resonate with your soul, ignite your curiosity, and create memories that linger long after you return home. Whether it’s navigating the bustling markets of Marrakech, sailing along the turquoise waters of the Greek Islands, or discovering the hidden gems of a vibrant city, I’m your partner in making travel dreams a reality.

Here’s what sets my compass apart:

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable: Decades in the industry mean I’ve seen it all, from hidden gems to common pitfalls. You get the benefit of my expertise, ensuring your trip is seamless and exceeds expectations.
  • Empathy & Customisation: I don’t believe in cookie-cutter itineraries. Every client is unique, and I take the time to understand your travel aspirations, dreams, and budget to curate a personalised adventure that reflects your individuality.
  • A Passion for Service: Your satisfaction is my priority. I go the extra mile, anticipating needs, solving problems with a smile, and ensuring your journey is worry-free and filled with joy.

So, are you ready to embark on an adventure that ignites your spirit and leaves you with stories to tell for years to come? Buckle up, adventurer! Let’s explore the world, together.

P.S. Need proof of my travel obsession? Just ask me about my latest adventure (spoiler alert: it involves searching for Santa in Lapland!)

Where I've Travelled

Born with Wanderlust in my veins:

My journey through life began in the wilds of Australia’s Northern Territory, before moving to Papua New Guinea prior to starting Primary School. Growing up in PNG is where my love for exploring different cultures was sparked, and it turned into an obsession.

Subsequently, we moved to Cairns in the early 90s so that I could complete my high school studies. After graduating, I craved even more life experiences and spent a year working and traveling in the USA, uncovering its hidden gems. Upon returning to Australia, I pursued my passion for travel professionally, becoming a seasoned agent in Cairns while also continuing to explore the globe.

From Backpacker to Blissful Escapes:

My travels have spanned continents – ranging from Asia and South America to North America, Europe, and the South Pacific. I’ve embraced diverse experiences, encompassing adventurous backpacking trips to luxurious getaways, and everything in between.

Family Travels & Beyond:

Today, my journeys are enriched by the joy of family exploration. My children, fortunate to be born into a world of travel, have already ticked numerous countries off their list. Furthermore, my love for travel has rubbed off on them, and they love nothing more than jumping on a plane to explore a new country.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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