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I proudly invite you to discover inspiring and innovative products for Italy, Europe, and Australia, to combine as well with the rest of the World.

I have spent most of my life travelling within Italy and the many continents of the world. I devoted the last 25 years to sharing my passion and knowledge with colleagues, friends and of course my clients.

I was born in Italy and moved to Australia in 1989. My original name is Michele Perrone, but I am also known as Michael.

In 1998 I created the Italian Travel Bureau with the purpose of meeting the ongoing demand for unique and exciting travel experiences, with new products and destinations in Italy. I recently joined forces with TravelManagers in December 2021…

Due to my personal and professional growth and travel experiences,  I have always been passionate when designing holiday dreams for just about any destination in Italy as well as around the world. Withstanding the industry through the ‘old ‘and ‘new’ trends, I have learned to tackle the challenges of a simple train booking to large groups of over 200 people. Skillful with fare constructions for individuals and corporate offices, and I am also very knowledgeable about many tour operators and destinations.

I believe to have an excellent understanding of foreign cultures and the attractions they offer, including the many challenges these present for the tourists and visitors (particularly during these everchanging times). I can give my clients the confidence that I can handle any situation.

I can meet with clients in Canberra in one of my private offices in the CBD by appointment: (appointment link)
If the Canberra office is not convenient, I do have other locations where we can meet.
For the rest of Australia’s clients, you will be happy to know that I will be honoured to connect with you over email, phone or virtual meeting – it can easily be arranged!   I look forward to hearing about your next venture

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Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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