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Work in this industry began for me in 1979 with TAA ( Trans Australia Airlines ) in their Reservations department and eventually transferring to Tullamarine airport as a Customer Services supervisor.

Time then took me into a consultancy position in Corporate Travel with Traveland BHP, and then onto retail and leisure agencies.

From here, a move into Sales with a wholesale Pacific island Company , back to the retail office and then finally the decision to break away and start on my own.    

I have been very fortunate to work in various facets of the Travel Industry, thereby giving me a greater perspective of the booking processes involved in planning your travel, be they for work or leisure.

  I have now been with TravelManagers since December 2006.     I have a passion for all things travel. I love new experiences, the sights, smells and tastes that are all part of that package. 

  My clients include both the Corporate and Retail sector.   My own travel has taken me to over 26 countries, and given there are over 195 in the world today, I obviously have a lot more travelling to do! 

  In 2013 I lived and worked in Moscow, Russia,  as part of the Travel Team involved in the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics Sochi 2014, whilst still running my own business in Melbourne. 

 In 2018 I took my first small group tour to Sedona in Arizona (USA) under the name – “Journeys of Awakening”.

Over several years of  exploration of self, I have been filling my own spiritual suitcase with tools suited to expand and develop personal awakening.

Combine 40+ years working in travel, with an Alice in Wonderland curiosity, and so began my small group vision for “Journeys of Awakening”. 

Surrounding ourselves in spiritually significant destinations, we will learn of ancient cultural experiences, and immerse ourselves in the heritage and ceremonies of other peoples.
Together, we can journey towards further understanding why we are who we are.

In February, 2020 I took my next “Journeys of Awakening” group to Egypt. This was such a success and plans are afoot for a return. This may not be until 2022, as we make our way through COVID19 restrictions related to Travel. 

However, 2021 invites a similar experience but in our own Country. Going with the flow of what is available to us at this time, thoughts turn to Domestic travel and the exploration of our own lands, peoples and heritage. Watch this space as I start to bring this to realization. Hopefully for early 2021. 




Where I've Travelled

My favourite destination… mmmm !!!

Paris…actually, Ubud – Bali…oh, hang on, then there’s Sedona Arizona….ahh, and beautiful Amsterdam…so hard to pick a favourite. To return to each destination a second, third or more times surely brings with it brand new experiences.
Look to your own city and you realise how much of that you have perhaps not explored and it’s easy to understand why any opportunity to return somewhere once been is a wonderful opportunity.
My most recent experiences include sailing down and ballooning over the Nile in Egypt, hanging on while dune bashing my way across the sand in Dubai, meditating with North American Indians in the hills of Sedona and parts of Arizona in North America, experiencing total bliss and enlightenment at a retreat in Ubud – Bali, delighting at the ease of the rail system in Singapore, out of control with my camera at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France, sailing amongst the local sellers of the floating market at Cai Rang- Vietnam, and most recently entranced by the choir at Westminster Abbey in London.
But today, my personal favourite would have to be Paris. The history, the galleries, the architecture, the flavour, the Seine, the gardens, the language, the cobblestone streets, the Metro, the coffee, the Eiffel Tower at night, the view from Sacre Coeur, the gargoyle keeping watch from Notre Dame, the markets, and of course the people.

Services I Provide

Expert advice on airlines, airfares and flight routings
Expert advice for planning and implementing rail travel, particularly through Europe
Suggesting and sourcing most suitable accommodation and touring options as required.
24 hour emergency assistance
Corporate professional specialist able to deliver reliable and personal service
Corporate reporting
Groups and Conferencing
Company Travel policy adherence
Traveller Profile management
Travel Insurance
Visa processing
Plus much more – just ask me.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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