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Who is  – Serrin Tabart

I have been a traveller my entire life – and a travel agent for almost as long! Curiosity about other countries and cultures is deeply engrained in me. I love seeing unusual places, trying new foods and simply exploring. I am incredibly lucky that working as a personal travel manager means I am able to help people like you to follow their own curiosity and discover ways to enjoy the world in their own unique way.

Travel – and the world in general – has changed a lot over the past 35 years while I’ve been working in the travel industry.

I am dedicated to staying abreast of the ever-changing opportunities that exist to explore, experience and enjoy this amazing world of ours, within Australia and overseas. I believe now, more than ever, that I can help you to navigate the world with ease, by offering a highly personalised and efficient service, backed by extensive knowledge, life experience and my wholehearted commitment to helping you to make your travel dreams come true.

In addition to exploring new corners of the world, I have a deep love of horses (especially my rascal of a mare Quin); I hold a black belt in Karate; and I am mother to three amazing young adults who inspire me every day as they venture out into the world and follow their own passions. I am always inspired to incorporate my passions into my travel – and to help my clients to do the same. I find this makes for some of the most memorable and unique travel experiences!

For my corporate clients, I understand that ability to meet deadlines and budget; fast, informative responses; and your employee’s safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. I offer retainer and one-off services designed specifically for corporate travel. With 24/7 support and common-sense advice, you can be sure outsourcing your travel arrangements to me is a smart business decision.

Where I've Travelled

My travels have taken me to all corners of the world – although there is still so much more I want to see! Every trip I have taken has been incredibly different depending on whether I was travelling for work, taking a solo or group adventure or exploring with my children.

My most recent international trip is one I will never forget. I made good on a promise to my children to visit Santa’s Village and our cousins in France. Although now all young adults, my children had a magical time and, for me, seeing the wonderment and awe in my children’s eyes, reminded me of my first adventures, reignited my passion to travel, and my commitment to helping everyone “design their own adventure”.

It is my personal mission to help you create your own life-long memories of magical places and extraordinary experiences.


Destinations I'm Passionate About

While there is always something new and exciting to experience anywhere you go (every destination is constantly evolving!), I am particularly passionate about Queensland (as a domestic destination) and Africa (as an international destination).

Queensland has surprised me over the past 30 years as I’ve gotten to know it as my “new” home state. While it’s star attractions, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Gold Coast and the Daintree Rainforest, are well known, there are so many other incredible destinations and experiences that receive very little attention. It is also becoming a key destination for health and wellbeing retreats which is likely to only grow while international borders remain closed. The more I learn, the more excited I am to help others experience all this state has to offer.

Africa is simply one of the most exciting and diverse destinations I’ve travelled and organised trips to for clients. It is one of the few places you can still feel like you’re truly exploring. It is raw and authentic. Each country is different and the landscape and climate vary significantly so whether you are looking for pristine beaches and tropical islands, thick rainforest and mountains to climb, or open savannahs to experience a safari, Africa offers it all. It is the perfect destination for  the more adventurous, active travellers.

I am a specialist in…

  • Active travel
  • Travel for those 40 plus
  • Personal interest experiences
  • Small group travel
  • Solo travel
  • Family-friendly holidays (with kids of all ages)
  • Cruise Holidays

Fun Facts

I am an avid horse rider and a practicing equine therapist. The most exotic place I have gone horse-riding is Kenya and top of my bucket list for where I would like to ride is Patagonia.    I preparing several unique small group tours in various parts of the world for horse riders, and fellow adventurers!

Services I Provide

Whether you’re planning for a weekend getaway or a once-in-a-life time experience, I can assist you with creating your next travel adventure. I work with you in person, over Zoom, via email or phone, to make the experience as seamless as possible.

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • Discovery – not even sure where to start or what options are available to you? Let me share some ideas, do some research and help you to discover the perfect options for your travel experience.
  • Itinerary planning – let me work my magic on getting your dreams to fit your timeframes and budget, ensuring your experience is set at a pace that suits you – including time to rest, relax and explore.
  • Logistics – once you’re happy with your itinerary, the real work begins! I get the bookings for any of your travel, accommodation, special experiences and events you want booked in advance. This may include:
    • Flights – international and domestic
    • Cruises
    • Rail tickets (from intracity travel to experiences such as the Trans-Siberian Railway)
    • Hire cars and campervans
    • Accommodation
    • Event tickets – music festivals, traditional performances, football matches, etc
    • Unique experience tickets – camel treks, homestays, guided hikes, etc
    • Travel insurance
  • Clear, well-organised communications – you receive an easy-to-use package of your trip, including any tickets and booking information required to enjoy your travel.
  • 24/7 support while you’re travelling – I’m never more than a phone call away!

Do you need something that is not listed above? Please ask me! If I listed everything I’ve helped people with over the past 35 years, you’d be reading forever!

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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