Planning your perfect experience with me

Using my expertise, knowledge and industry connections I will take care of every aspect of your trip to ensure that everything goes as planned, and be there to support you should anything unexpected arise. I want to make it as pain free and as relaxing experience as I can. After all, you want to start getting excited from the minute you start planning, and not be stressed and overwhelmed by all the options. Leave that to me!

How does it work ?

You can contact me via email, or via phone on 0407 649 528.

After a quick chat, and if we decide we would like to work together,  I will then ask you to complete a client profile form for each traveller and ask that you pay your travel planning fee.  We will then arrange a full consultation, either face to face, via telephone or via Zoom to start planning your perfect trip.

What is a travel planning fee ?

As professional Travel Agents, we have access to systems that you do not. We can look at various airlines, tours and accommodation using industry systems, and it makes your life easier, knowing you are getting the best price, and product for what you want. In order to provide this service, a Travel Planning fee of $100-$250 per booking (Itinerary dependant) is applicable for the independent research and time required to design your personalised/tailored travel itinerary. This is payable at time of your initial consultation. On finalisation of your booking this amount will be deducted from your total balance. If you decide not to proceed with your booking and/or your travel arrangements are cancelled for any reason, this payment/fee is non-refundable.

What is a travel management fee ?

A travel management fee covers the ongoing management and supervision of your entire travel arrangements, from consultation, booking progression, collation, and delivery of travel documents.  The fee is commensurate with my time, expertise, knowledge, and personalised professional service.  This is payable at the time of our initial consultation.  If you decide not to proceed with your booking and/or travel arrangements are cancelled for any reason, this payment/fee is non-refundable.

One revision to the itinerary is included with the initial management fee.  Changes beyond this will incur additional charges.

Full details of the current travel management fee can be found in the link below under service fees.

Client Profile Form

When you are ready to make a booking, I will ask you to fill out this form for each passenger. This will create your profile in my back-office system. Fill out my client profile form.

Service Fees

You can see an overview of my service fees on this page.

Travel Insurance Waiver Form

This form confirms that you have been advised about the importance of travel insurance and do not wish to proceed with a policy through TravelManagers, understanding the risks. It also confirms you understand that fees apply if TravelManagers is requested to supply information, paperwork and/or invoices to your chosen Insurance provider. Fill out the form here.

Acceptance of TravelManagers Terms and Conditions

Before confirming your trip, please read TravelManagers Australia’s terms and conditions. You will need to accept these before we proceed with your booking. Please click here to acknowledge our terms and conditions.

TravelManagers Privacy Policy

In providing us with your personal information you are agreeing that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information.

I cannot wait to get started booking your travel.