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I am passionate about the Lazio region in central Italy particularly due to the numerous archaeological digs south of Rome whereby the finds are rewriting the history books! It was home to many popes and noble families of yesteryear of which some descendants are still alive today and live in one of their many palaces either in Rome or in the countryside. To more recent history, in the 20th century, the Gustav Line, a staunch defensive line built by the Germans preventing the Allied forces from advancing after the landings in 1944.

Apart from the history, there is the food, wine and olive oil of the region, many European award winners for the taste and quality of the products. The wines from Cantina Sant’Andrea which win many awards year in year out and the beauty is that you can take a tour of the working vineyard as well. The award winning olive oils from Sonnino from 5 star winners Cetrone in the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy, multi award winner Olio Iannotta all hosted hosted by Fondazione Italian Sommelier, Frantoio Altobelli in the national oil competition plus more. Then there is the oh so creamy fresh mozzarella from Fondi made from the buffalo milk which gives the light texture and taste in your mouth.

Then there are the cultural events like the Festival of Lights – “Le Torce” – in the hilltop town of Sonnino, an annual event that takes place 40 days after Easter and has been organised since the 900’s!

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