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Southern Lights/Aurora Australis Night Time

Antarctica Flight departing Perth

This is your bucket list item being ticked!!

Fly into the night and bear witness to one of the most indescribable natural world phenomena….the Aurora Australis!

With a team of expert astronomers on board and Chimu Adventures as our hosts, we’ll be flying on a chartered Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner towards the Southern Ocean.

With inflight services to keep us fed and hydrated during the night, the astrophotographers will also be offering commentary about the best way to photograph an aurora as well as taking a collection of images for your personal use allowing you more time to take in the amazing sight right before your eyes.

The Perth departure is scheduled for Saturday 27th August 2022. Prices start from $1395.

To receive more information, please email by clicking on the link below or call me, Daiana, on 0415 234 685


Aurora Australis.

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