The Juxtaposition of Antiquities and everyday Fashion

The Juxtaposition of Antiquities and everyday Fashion
Aqueduct Virgo Rome

Aqueduct Virgo inside La Rinascente Tritone, Rome

Who would expect to be immersed in history, culture and beauty when stepping into a fashion department store? The contrast of the modern with the antiquity. The seemless blend of the senses that can only be found in the flagship fashion store of La Rinascente Tritone in Rome. Located on Via del Tritone, it is a three minute walk to the Trevi Fountain. The acqueduct, Aqua Virgo, is one of the three that feeds the Fountain!

With staggered openings of different sections over the years, the preservation of the Roman aqueduct, Aqua Virgo (or Vergine) dates back to 19BC and has been consciously preserved. Shoppers to the department store can explore and step back in time by going to the -1 floor to view the preserved structure which is also an exhibition area allowing space for events, designs and of course exhibitions.

Shopping floors inside La Rinascente Rome

    Different views of the shopping floors

The store also has incorporated a small building – Palazetto ie the small palace – dating to more recent times, the 1900’s. It is located in a hidden area, however it is just a matter of following the mapped guides on the information boards. Stepping into modern times, one has eight floors dedicated to shopping from women and menswear, kids wear, jewellery, shoes and accessories as well as designer wear.

Of course, you can’t be in Italy if food is not involved in your touristic experiences, even if it is for shopping! You can continue your  cultural immersion by heading to the top two floors which are La Rinascente’s  food hall. The food hall is different for many aspects and is an experience with a difference and most of all enjoyed. Firstly, the food hall is not your typical fast food and ready made mall-style food. This is next level food experiences where you can enjoy fine dining either for lunch or dinner.

The brainchild of Michelin chef Riccardo Di Giacinto, the restaurant is called MadeITerraneo. With Mediterranean cuisines to indulge your taste buds, one can have a light lunch or a-la-carte dishes from their menu. All made on site with seasonal locally sourced organic produce, no dish is too hard to modify even for the fussiest of eaters.

MadeITerraneo Restaurant La Rinascente Roma

Rooftop view of Rome from MadeITerraneo Restaurant Roma

However the highlight on top of the highlight of this shopping experience has to be the delight derived from the rooftop views whilst savouring your meal! You can get views of the iconic cupola of St Peter’s Basilica and the fortification walls of Castel Sant’Angelo, just across the Tiber River. It is highly recommended to book your table in advance so as not to be disappointed especially if you have limited time in the Eternal City.


Main entrance: Via del Tritone 61, Rome
Nearest Metro Station:
Barberini or Spagna
Operating hours Open every day 10am
Closes 9pm Monday – Thursday
Closes 10pm Friday – Sunday
Food Hall Every day 10am – 11pm

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Walking from La Rinascent Tritone Rome to Trevi Fountain map

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