Professional Service fees – Melanie Carter

The following is a list of travel management fees which will be implemented for all new bookings from 01 July 2020:-

A copy can be downloaded for your reference here

Service Service Fee (incl GST)

Per Person

Personal Travel Planning Management – upfront payment $220 per itinerary* indicative
International Air Booking & management $110.00pp
International Air changes prior to ticket issue No fee
International Air changes after the ticket has been issued $55.00pp plus any fare difference
Internal domestic tickets USA $ 33.00pp per sector
Internal domestic – Rest of the world $ 33.00pp per sector
Australian Domestic Booking and management $ 55.00pp
Domestic Air changes before ticket issued No fee
Domestic air changes after ticket issued $ 33.00pp  plus fare difference
Process Ticket Refund $100.00pp
Land/Cruise booking amendment fee $ 77.00pp
Process booking Cancellation $ 77.00pp
Frequent Flyer Award Booking $ 165.00pp
Visa Processing Fee $ 77.00pp
Overseas Originating Travel $165.00pp
Travel Insurance claim documentation $165.00pp


Cancellation fees: If cancelling for any reason, in addition to supplier* charges advised at time of booking, all commissions, deposits, booking and service fees are non-refundable

The travel management fees listed above will be applied using discretion and in consideration of each client’s circumstances.

These are in addition to any other fees as charged by airlines or suppliers.
*Supplier refers to hotels, tour operators, cruise or tour companies or any other third-party land arrangements

Any fees from airlines & suppliers including amendment fees, cancellation fees or fare increases are additional to the above.
All deposits, fees and commissions are non-refundable

Client Profile

This form captures all the personal details and contact information required to create your booking. Please complete one form per traveller. Once this form has been submitted, please email a copy of your passport for international travel.

TravelManagers Terms & Conditions

Please click this link to read and understand the Terms & Conditions of TravelManagers Australia, before making payment for your trip. Please note the invoice provided to you will also have further terms and conditions that are specific to your booking only.

TravelManagers Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking this link. You must read and understand the Privacy Policy of TravelManagers Australia, before making payment for your trip.

Acceptance of TravelManagers Terms & Conditions

This form confirms you have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of TravelManagers Australia. It also confirms that you have accepted the Schedule of Professional Service Fees provided by your Personal Travel Manager, Melanie Carter. This form must be completed prior to any payment being made.

Travel Insurance Waiver Form

This form confirms that you have been advised about the importance of Travel Insurance and do not wish to proceed with a policy through TravelManagers, understanding the risks. It also confirms you understand that fees apply if TravelManagers is requested to supply information, paperwork and/or invoices to your chosen Insurance provider.



Any advice provided regarding borders, quarantine, COVID-19 testing requirements etc. is of a general nature only and should not replace the information you will find on the relevant Government department websites. Please contact me if you have any questions about any of the information provided on this page.

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