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New Client Profile Form:

When you are ready to make your travel booking, if you are a new client of mine, I will kindly ask that you to fill out this online client profile and information form for each passenger. This will create your individual client profiles in my back-office system.

This form collates each passenger’s personal details and contact information for your client booking file, as well as your emergency contact’s details.

A copy of your passport photo page, and International Vaccination Certificate (if required) will need to be emailed or texted to me (if you are travelling internationally) once this form has been completed, prior to any travel arrangements being booked.

Nicole Edgar, your Personal Travel Manager's Professional Service Fees

By proceeding with your TravelManagers’ travel booking, you also agree to abide by Nicole Edgar’s professional service fees

Acceptance of TMA T&C's & Nicole Edgar's Professional Service Fees:

This online form is mandatory and must be completed at the time of paying your initial deposit. This confirms you have read, understood and accepted the details in your TravelManagers’ (TMA) travel itinerary to be true and correct, and agree to be bound by the terms & conditions within your itinerary, including the supplier’s T&C’s; TravelManagers T&C’s and Nicole Edgar’s Professional Service Fees.

Travel Insurance Online Waiver Form

This online form confirms that you have been advised about the importance of travel insurance and do not wish to proceed with a travel insurance policy being issued through TravelManagers, and you understand the risks. It also confirms that you understand that fees will apply if TravelManagers is requested to supply information, paperwork, receipts and/or invoices to your chosen insurance provider, in the event of making a travel insurance claim. If not purchasing insurance you must read, understand and complete the Travel Insurance Online Waiver Form.

TravelManagers' Privacy Policy

In providing us with your personal information you are agreeing that our Privacy Policy will apply to how we handle your personal information and you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information, to relevant travel suppliers involved in your whole travel booking. 

You must read, understand and agree to the Privacy Policy, as set out by TravelManagers, and then complete your Passenger Acceptance Form and make payment for your trip

Your funds are safe with TravelManagers

TravelManagers is a wholly-owned division of House of Travel one of the top 5 travel agent businesses operating throughout Australasia. Read why your travel funds are safe, and you’ll have ‘peace of mind’ booking through TravelManagers.

TravelManagers' Customer Fund or TCF

At TravelManagers Australia we care about your peace of mind and your hard-earned money. Following just under five years of research, we established a set of practices to help protect our customers’ funds, and offer, in our view, the most comprehensive and transparent financial protection in the Australian travel industry, being our TravelManagers Customer Fund (TCF) | TravelManagers Australia

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