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I truly believe that our world is full of wonders, and of wondrous places, events, sites, cultures, wildlife and nature, for us to marvel at and which deserve to be appreciated by us. We are so fortunate and privileged to live at a time and place which affords us the opportunity to visit, to experience, to see, to appreciate, or as I like to say, to “Witness” the Wonders or Our World… so how can we justify not doing so?

For me, travelling to a place to witness its wonders is one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences that life has to offer. Sharing those experiences or the memories of those experiences with others, so that they can experience them vicariously and we can experience them again and again through their recollection, is one of the most fulfilling activities to partake in.

But the world is ever changing, with events both gradual or sudden, natural and engineered, which can have unexpected and unforeseen effects that may forever shatter our dreams to behold something in particular, something spectacular, that is simply gone. Hence my motto to “Witness the Wonders of Our World” while we still can, and “because we still can”! You still can, so if not now, then when? Only by beholding the beauty and fragility of our world first-hand and then sharing that experience with others, can we hope to inspire them (and ourselves) to want to preserve it – thereby contributing to the paradigm shift that will enable us to do so.

This is what drives me to seek out, research, and familiarise myself with the most fantastic tour operators and cruise lines who have the best guides or the most wonderful itineraries and offer the greatest value with their services; what pushes me to take a personal interest in you and your travel dreams, to get to know you, what you want to witness, what you need to experience, so that I can give the most personalised advice for you and make the best recommendations to you in order to fulfill those dreams; what empowers me to do as much of the leg work as possible, saving you time, effort, worry, fatigue, and even money, so that you can relax and enjoy the planning, the dreaming, the anticipation, and all that comes from the guidance and assistance I provide before you’ve even left – not to mention the mutual joy of sharing your stories and recollections with me when you get back.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a burning desire to explore our wonderful world. Fascinated by the many wonders our world has to offer, I set out to see as much of it as possible. After wandering through many of the countries surrounding my native France, I was quickly confronted with the limitations of my humble background, and means, in the face of this monumental task. Upon entering the hospitality sector in order to facilitate my passage to new lands, I quickly found a passion for sharing and exchanging travel experiences with others. Naturally, this lead me down a path which would not only allow me to travel, but more importantly to assist others in doing so, and thereby experience travel vicariously through their recollection and retelling of these travels.

After 5 years working in a “traditional” travel agency, I decided to break away from the brick-and-mortar travel agency store model. I chose to focus my expertise on the types of trips and destinations that I enjoy investigating the most and experiences that I dream of too, sharing my passions with you and using my skills, knowledge, and time to their fullest for you. Continuing as a store based agent would prove to be incompatible with this goal. They say a “Jack of all trades” can be “Master of none”, and constantly booking every type of trip or destination under the sun has the exact same implication.

Though I am still capable, and happy to organize such trips for you when required; rather than trying to excel at everything from anniversary packages for the Maldives to family trips at Disney World to backpacking adventures around Europe; I specialize specifically in the comfortable exploration of destinations that I consider to be some of the many “Wonders of Our World” – those awe-inspiring destinations that make you go “WOW” to behold and leave you feeling like you have witnessed something truly wondrous, giving you a deep sense of amazement that will stay with you forever!

Destinations with mysteries of the ancient past and forgotten ingenuity, such as the great pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu, or Petra; destinations with natural beauty and diversity, like Iguazu Falls, the Galapagos, or the migration of the Wildebeest in the Serengeti; destinations with celestial grandeur and humbling majesty, as with the Aurora Borealis, Solar Eclipses, or even (eventually) seeing our planet from orbit!

Finding the right cruises, tours, or bespoke itineraries for you; getting you there and back again, safely, and comfortably, in the most convenient way; walking you through all the preparations you need to make, guiding you through the planning process, and ensuring that every aspect of your trip is meticulously managed; these are the things I focus on and excel at for you.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. So, we could say that a video shows a thousand pictures. But, neither words nor pictures, nor even a thousand videos, can ever come close to the first-hand experience of being there “in person” to Witness the Wonders of Our World – while we still can, and because we still can… You still can!

So join my select group of like-minded travellers. Individuals who, like you, yearn to experience the best our ever-changing world has to offer. Schedule an appointment with me now, or subscribe to my exclusive monthly newsletter.


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Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.

Comprehensive and transparent financial protection for Australian travellers.
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