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I’ve made a commitment to keeping in touch! Part of how I’m doing that is by creating short, fun, info-packed travel e-newsletters that I  send out every first Sunday of each month.

This can be concise, convenient content that offers a travel expert’s inside knowledge of all things travel-related: the best new gear and gadgets, up-to-the-minute guidelines on changing travel rules, how to have uniquely fulfilling trips, hidden travel gems, packing tips, and even a few articles that are focused on specific places and iconic sites or events that will give you the inside track on amazing destinations.

I want each one to provide you with real insight and value — the kinds of info you’ll want to share with others and that will inspire you to start planning those trips you’ve been dreaming of and that have been calling to you for ages.

Of course, you’ll also get plenty of little stories and anecdotes from me as I share my own travel dreams and experiences with you. You’ll gain insight into what drives me to be so passionate about facilitating the best travel experiences for you.

The world is a huge, beautiful place to explore, and I want to show you how you can get the most out of every journey.

Look for the first e-newsletter to land in your Inbox on the first Sunday of next month and every month after that. (As always, if you’re no longer interested, it’s super easy to unsubscribe.)

I look forward to keeping in touch with you — and hearing from you about your travel experiences. One of the things I love most about travel is that we can re-live the joy and wonder of our favourite moments again and again by recounting these experiences with friends and family, who in turn get a taste of the destination vicariously through our recollection, photos and stories.


Monthly Editions

2024 – March – Aurora Borealis – The Celestial Dance To Experience

2024 – February – Camera or no camera

2024 – January – African Safari – the pinnacle of travel experiences

2023 – December – The next best way to connect with faraway loved ones this Christmas

2023 – November – Mysteries of the Ancient Past – Another Ancient destination

2023 – October – Ghostly Gallivanting

2023 – September – Travel Preferences are Uniquely Personal

2023 – August – Ocean Cruises: Mass Market Cruising vs Small-Ship Luxury

2023 – July – From Christmas in July to Christmas in Europe

2023 – June – Land of the Rising Sun: The Beauty and Culture of Japan

2023 – May – The Hybrid Eclipse Missed Opportunity

2023 – Special – Happy Easter Around the World

2023 – April – Avoid Common Cruise-Planning Mistakes

2023 – March – Packing and Baggage Tips

2023 – February – Mysteries of the Ancient Past – “What they didn’t Teach You at School”

2023 – January – New Year Resolutions

2022 – December – A proven way to more happiness

2022 – November – Don’t miss out on your dream bucket-list

2022 – October – Ocean vs. River cruising: Which one is right for you?

2022 – September – Discover Your Travel Profile

2022 – August – Travel restrictions won’t last forever

2022 – July – Get The Newsletter You Actually Want

2022 – June – Smartphone Photography

2022 – May – Chasing The Next Solar Eclipse

2022 – April – The Poles and Expedition Cruising

2022 – March – The Time Has Finally Come For Travel To Resume

2022 – February – Packing Light and Reducing Wrinkles

2022 – January – A New Year in a New World


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