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  • As with many professions, TravelManagers operates in a service fee environment. The fees outlined below are a guide only. Please note that fees are not limited to the below. Speak to me regarding all fees applicable to your specific travel arrangements. These fees do not include supplier-imposed fees.

    Service Service Fee (incl GST)
    Domestic Air booking $25 per sector  Max $75
    Domestic tickets in other countries $30
    Domestic air changes before ticketing Free
    Domestic changes after ticketing $35 ##
    Trans Tasman Air Booking $70
    International air booking $95
    International changes before ticketing Free
    International air changes after ticketing $35 ##
    Refund processing $35
    Booking cancellation Commission and booking fees are non refundable
    Frequent flyer redemption booking Domestic $55
    Frequent flyer International bookings $88
    Visa processing fees $50
    Overseas originating travel $95
    Itinerary Planning fee   Redeemable on final payment $150
    Amendment fees $35 per change
    ##  Please note this is in addition to airlines change fees
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