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    We make the journey

    Make your time away more enjoyable with the TravelManagers app, your personal itinerary manager for any bookings you’ve made through your personal travel manager. Use your booking reference to log in and manage your trips, add extras, share your travel plans and even book local deals while on the road – all from your handheld device.

    Your TravelManagers app offers you:

    • Your full travel itinerary at the tap of a finger – flights, accommodation, car hire, trains, cruises, tours etc.
    • Travel tools to make your time away much simpler. For example currency converter, maps, weather and more
    • An easy way to contact your personal travel manager while you’re travelling
    • Inspirational destination guides including what to see and do on your trip
    • A secure travel locker to store valuable information such as passport details, visas and driver’s licence
    • Access to sightseeing options in your chosen destination while you’re travelling
    How the TravelManagers app works

    Downloading the TravelManagers app

    You can  log into the app using your email address & chosen password. It may take up to 24 hours for your first booking to appear. It’s best to speak to your personal travel manager before downloading the TravelManagers app. Available in the App Store and Google Play.