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    Every traveller has their story. Over the past few weeks our network of personal travel managers has helped thousands of clients and loved ones get home safely, and have had the opportunity to provide support and advice to those planning treasured holidays. Below are some of our customers’ stories of how our personal travel managers helped them get home.

    Peter and Lou

    "When we left Australia we were aware of the spread of Coronavirus and remained vigilant of any news about that. Our guardian agent, communicated with us before we left and regularly whilst we were away to make sure we were totally up to date with what was occurring."

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    "I was living in the UK when all the drama hit with COVID-19 and Australia had announced that it was closing boarders for non-citizens and recommending all citizens to get back asap."

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    Tony, Heidi, Isabelle and Helen

    "We were caught off guard when the WHO declared a global pandemic three weeks into our month-long visit to Australia and New Zealand. When our return transit flight to Australia was cancelled we were in a panic."

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    JD and Annabelle

    "We started to plan our dream holiday about 12 months ago. We had wanted to see the Northern Lights on a Viking cruise leaving from Bergen in Norway. The cruise was to sail north to the arctic circle and return to London after 13 days."

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    Michelle and Nick

    We all know that gut feeling ya get, when you think things aren’t quite right. So of course I’m going to text my one and only travel lady.

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    Jimbaran Bay Bali


    Our place in Bali is with the local people. I seldom see tourists so it’s a little piece of Balinese life without all the Western influences. This means its very much day to day living with little concern for what’s going on in the wider world.

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